Best Water Baby Carrier



Jul 18, 2022

A Water Baby Carrier allows you to join in on the fun! Have some trips coming up to the beach with your baby? Perhaps a road trip with your baby? Or perhaps you are a common visitor of a pool or own a pool yourself? You will want to invest in a waterproof baby carrier.

Waterproof Baby Carrier: Beachfront
My 5 month old and I in the Pool with my waterproof baby sling

A water baby carrier is specially designed to be worn in the water. While wearing one you can enjoy the water with your little one. It is a must have outdoor baby gear.

Waterproof carriers do not have to be fancy, you most want a safe and secure way to carry your baby. These carriers are ideal as a hands free way to carrying your baby to and from the beach. Because we know your hands are going to be full carrying those beach essentials.

Summary of Best Water Baby Carrier

Best Baby Water Carrier
Lightweight Safety Tested Dries Quickly Adjustable
Best Toddler Water Carrier
Adjustable Padded Straps EU and US Safety Tested Neoprene Stretchy Material Lightweight
Best Budget Baby Wrap Water Carrier
Dries Quickly Lightweight Polyester Multiple Color Options
Best Budget Baby Water Sling Carrier
Mesh Carrying Bag Dries Quickly Lightweight Adjustable

Can you Wear a Baby Carrier in the Water?

Yes, with the right carrier, a waterproof baby carrier, you will be able to enjoy the water with your baby. Baby carriers that are made of mesh, polyester or neoprene are a waterproof baby carrier.

Water carriers for baby can be used in pools, showers, ocean or water parks. They can also be used when not in water in everyday use.

best infant water baby carrier to carry my baby in
Me in My Waterproof Baby Carrier for Pool and newborn

I only discovered a water baby carrier with my third child and I’m sad I didn’t discover it sooner! It is a game changer!

It allows you to be in the water to supervise and play with your older children while still caring for your baby.  The waterproof carrier frees up my hands so I can help my toddler learn to swim at the same time I’m carrying my infant.

If I were hiking I would pick a soft structured carrier for a baby and a hiking backpack for a toddler. These carriers would provide better support to wear for longer durations. These types of carriers are NOT water friendly.

What are the Different Types of Baby Water Carriers?

Baby Water Carriers come in a couple different design choices; Sling, Wrap and Buckle Closure. Like non-water carriers you will have a choice on how you want to carry your baby.

There is no better option, just which way is most comfortable for you. If you wear a sling carrier at home a water sling carrier might be the best option.

What is a Sling Water Baby Carrier?

A Sling water carrier is worn over one shoulder and can also called a Ring Water Baby Carrier. It features a ring that you thread the material through to create a sling. Different companies will vary in ring design.

These type of water carriers require a learning curve on how to properly put on and tighten the material. Once you found the knack a sling or ring carrier is quick to put baby in.

To put on you will want to expand the material over your shoulder to distribute the weight of your baby. Also you will want the ring to sit high on your shoulder.

What is a Wrap Baby Water Carrier?

A wrap water carrier for baby is similar to a non-water wrap carrier. You start off with one long piece of material, often mesh. You wrap the material around your waist, over your shoulders and back through the waist before tying in the back.

Wrap Water Carrier takes more time to put baby inside, but holds baby more securely. The material will be longer than a sling water carrier.

What is a Buckle Closure Water Carrier?

A buckle closure water carrier is a carrier that already has its structure; no messing around with fastening to your body. This type of carrier is quickest to put on, but less options to buy in the market.

The buckle closure water carrier is worn like a T-shirt that will buckle either at your shoulders on in the back. There is less head support in this carrier making it suitable for an older baby or toddler.

Do Babies Like to be in the Water?

Mine sure do. After spending 9 months on the inside in amniotic fluid, being in water feels very familiar and comforting. However, a heated pool is best. Babies might not get on well with a cold pool.

I started wearing my 5 week old baby in a heated pool and she loved it. Most times she just took a nice nap and as she got older she would spend more time awake and engaging in the water.

best baby water carrier sling holding my 5 week old baby
Heated indoor pool using my Waterproof Baby Sling

In an unheated pool, you might have to wait longer. Normally, later in the summer season unheated pools will warm up enough for the baby if you live in a warm climate.

How Should You Dress Your Baby to go in the Water?

CDC advises that swim diapers should be worn and checked frequently. Place the swim diaper on just before going in the water and keep an eye or nose out for any bowel movements. If your baby poops, take them out of the pool immediately and change your baby.

Babies should wear a swimsuit/rashguard. They are made to be worn in water and will help protect your little one from the sun. 

Also do not forget a towel for you and baby to dry off with.

Criteria to Look for in a Water Baby Carrier

The most important feature of a water baby carrier is to be waterproof. Mesh, neoprene and polyester all are great candidates. Next, you will want to consider its quick dry ability. Stuffing a wet baby carrier in your baby isn't ideal.

Besides being waterproof you will want to consider the type of water baby carrier you want to wear. Are you comfortable holding your baby in a sling carrier or prefer the traditional wrap approach?

The water baby carrier should have adjustability features. For example, you will want a waterproof baby sling start loose and have the ability to tighten once you place your baby in. That ease to tighten is critical!

Lastly, you can consider if the water carrier has any UV protection.

Best Water Baby Carrier

Beachfront Baby Water Carrier Sling

This Beachfront Baby sling water carrier is made from a mesh material. It is easy to put together and dries quickly. The sling for baby is lightweight and easy to pack and take with you. 

The great thing about a sling carrier is that it can be more minimal than a non sling carrier. For the water I don’t want a cumbersome carrier. I want a simple lightweight solution.

I personally love a waterproof baby sling. They are more breastfeeding friendly (in or out of the water) than a wrap and easier to put on.

The Beachfront Baby Water Carrier Sling is comfortable for me to wear and my baby is happy in it. The carrier comes in many color options. The water baby carrier is designed for babies weighing between 8 and 30 pounds.

This sling has passed all the safety tests required in the US. Some cheaper water sling options have not.

best water baby carrier being used by my husband
My Husband using a waterproof baby carrier

It is worth the time to watch a quick video instructing you how to properly wear the Beachfront Water Carrier. I struggled ,until I watched the short and simple video below. Now it takes less than a minute to put the waterproof sling on.

Pros of Beachfront Baby Water Sling

  • Lightweight
  • Passed all required safety testing
  • Easy design
  • Dries quickly
  • Adjustable for any body type to wear
  • Breastfeeding friendly

Cons of Beachfront Baby Water Sling

  • Learning curve on how to properly wear
  • More expensive 

Note: Beachfront Baby also has a water wrap, if you prefer a water baby wrap to a sling. It is a great choice if you are not a sling lover.

Best Toddler Waterproof Carrier

Waterland Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a water carrier for your older baby or toddler you can’t go wrong with the WaterLand Baby Carrier. This water carrier has passed all safety tests for EU and US and comes in 7 fun colors.

Place your older baby, one who can hold their head, or toddler in this neoprene carrier and head on into the water. Neoprene is the same fabric as surfing suits are made from and are breathable and stretchy.

The water baby carrier is worn like a T-shirt with your child popped in the front facing outwards. Its' design is quicker to put on than the water sling. The carrier buckles on the side and features padded adjustable straps which criss cross in the back for support.

My biggest drawback is it can’t be used for a young baby. However, if your baby can already hold their head up well then this is a great choice.

Toddlers might not want to be worn all the time in the water. Toddler have the option to wear a swim vest in the water, but will still need to be supervised.

Pros of WaterLand Baby Carrier

  • Adjustable padded straps
  • EU and US safety tested
  • Stretchy and Windproof Neoprene material
  • Easy to put on
  • Comes with water carrier bag
  • Lightweight (15.5 ounces)

Cons of WaterLand Baby Carrier

  • Not breastfeeding friendly
  • Only for older baby and toddlers
  • More expensive

Best Budget Waterproof Baby Wrap Carrier

Vlokup Baby Wrap

If you are looking for a best budget baby carrier, Vlokup makes a solid option. However, it has not been safety tested as Beachfront Baby and WaterLand Baby Carriers have by US and EU standards.

The Vlokup baby wrap is made of polyester and comes in multiple color options. The fabric makes the wrap breathable and quick to dry. A baby can start using at 8lbs.

Like all wrap carriers there is a learning curve on how to properly wear them. Make sure to watch the instructional videos to master the skill. 

Pros of Vlokup Baby Wrap

  • Worn starting at 8lbs 
  • Cheaper option
  • Multiple color designs
  • Dries quickly, lightweight
  • One size fits all

Cons of Vlokup Baby Wrap

  • Not breastfeeding friendly
  • Not standard safety tested
  • Learning curve on how to wrap properly

Best Budget Waterproof Baby Sling Carrier

Biubee Water Sling Carrier

If you don’t want to spend the money on a Beachfront Water Sling Carrier, Biubee Water Sling Carrier is a budget friendly baby carrier option. My main concern issue is that the Water Sling Carrier has not been safety standard tested and approved. 

The Biubee Water Sling Carrier gets great reviews by its customers and is a very similar design to Beachfront Water Sling. The sling is nylon mesh ensuring it is breathable and lightweight. 

The rings are made from thick plastic and are larger than the rings on the Beachfront Water Sling Carrier. To wear it requires the same threading process. 

Pros of Biubee Water Sling Carrier

  • Comes with mesh carrying bag
  • Cheaper option
  • Multiple color designs
  • Dries quickly, lightweight
  • One size fits all
  • Breastfeeding friendly

Cons of Biubee Water Sling Carrier

  • Not standard safety tested and approved
  • Learning curve on how to wear correctly

Final Comments on Waterproof Baby Carriers

A water baby carrier will allow you to be present. You don't have to sit on the sidelines with your baby and babies love being in the water.

Always make sure you watch the videos on how to wear a water baby carrier properly. Slings can have a learning curve and once mastered is a game changer.

If you have the money invest in a waterproof baby carrier that has had all the safety test!

Enjoy your time with your baby in the water!