Best Scooters for 3 Year Old



Feb 12, 2022

Scooters are great fun for 3 year olds. Scooters teach balance and steering and allows toddlers to fly off down the driveway and onto the sidewalks. They allow family walks to become more exciting. Scooters will give your toddler a streak of independence.

3 toddlers and scooters for 3 year olds
My 2 boys scootering with their friend

Scooters for 3 year olds are slightly different from the traditional scooter.

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Summary of Best Scooters for 3 Year Olds

Best Scooter For A 3 Year Old
Light Up Wheels Removable Seat Fold For Travel Wide Food Bed
Runner Up Best Scooter For A 3 Year Old Best Fast Scooter For 3 Year Old
Light Up Wheels Wide Foot Bed Lightweight
Best Budget Scooter For 3 Year Old
Light Up Wheels Lightweight Adjustable Handlebar
Best Lightweight Scooter For 3 Year Old Best Scooter for 2 Year Old
Light Up Wheels Strong and Lightweight Minimalistic Design Lowest Handlebar Height (Adjustable)
Best Skateboard Scooter Combo For 3 Year Old
Detachable Handlebar 3 Colored Decks Large Deck Width Lightweight Learn to Skateboard
Best Scooter For 1 Year Old
3 Stages Include Ride-On Indoor or Outdoor Lightweight Grow With Toddler

Main Differences Between A Toddler Scooter and An Older Child Scooter

3 wheels instead of 2

Toddlers are still learning balance and adding a third wheel to the mix greatly increases the stability of the scooter for a 3 year old. The extra wheel is best when configured up front to be two wheels with a single back wheel. When the back has two wheels the wheels often get in the way of a toddler’s foot when gliding.  There have been many complaints of the ankle coming into contact with the wheels.

The scooter's footbed is wider

best wide footbed scooter for 3 year old
The Skidee has a very wide foot bed

A toddler will be learning and having a wider base on which to put their feet makes for an easier ride. 

Handlebar adjustability

A toddler scooter will have a range of heights for the handlebar to accommodate a growing child. Adult scooters can have this as well, but a toddler scooter must have this, in my opinion. I am not buying a different scooter each year.

Lean-to-steer technology

A scooter for an older child or an adult is turned by using the handlebars, however, in a toddler scooter all you have to do is lean in the direction you want to go. Leaning is designed to make scooters easier for toddlers to use. If a toddler had to turn the handlebar to steer, the ride would be more jerky and the toddler would be  more likely to fall off the scooter. Designing a stiffer handle that cannot turn reduces potential falls and increases stability for a toddler.

Scooters are fun no matter what the weather

Different Features Of A 3 Year Old Scooter

  • Light up wheels
  • Foldable Seat
  • Adjustability of handlebars for growing child
  • Grips on handlebars
  • Grips on footbed
  • Foldability for travel
  • Manufacturers warranties

Best Overall Scooter For A 3 Year Old

Skidee Y200 light up scooter

If you are looking for the perfect scooter for a 3 year old, the Skidee scooter is a solid choice. It is reasonably priced and comes with all the fun features a 3 year old (or 2 year old) would love.  

The scooter comes with a seat that can be detached for when your child is older (seat weight limit is 44 lbs). I was skeptical if my toddlers really needed a seat option, but they both love having this option. I also love that I can remove the seat in the future.

Light up scooter 3 year old
Bit blurry, however shows how the scooter's wheels lights up

The wheels light up and change color depending on how fast you are riding your scooter. When riding near dusk or dawn I can always see my toddler zooming by thanks to the lights. Again a feature I wasn’t crazy about until I saw it in action. Also makes all the neighborhood kids jealous that their scooter doesn’t light up.

The scooter features a wide footbed, the widest of all options. It also has a wider than average foot brake. The wide foot break is key for me. It makes learning to brake and braking easier for my toddler, which is a big safety feature for me.

The scooter is one of the only ones that can fold to one piece. This makes it super easy to travel with when placed in the back of the car.

best scooter for 3 year old folded
Skidee Scooter in its folded position for travel

Skidee handlebar ranges from 24.5-33 inches making this scooter suitable for a wide age range 2-12 years. My not even 2 year old also has no problems fitting on this scooter. The frame is aluminum and the company provides a 1 year warranty on the product.

Pros of Skidee Y200 Scooter

  • Removable seat
  • Light-up wheels
  • Wide foot bed and wide back brake
  • Grips on handlebars
  • Large range handlebar adjustability (8.5 inches)
  • Fold up to one piece for storage and travel

Cons of Skidee Y200 Scooter

  • Heavier scooter due to seat and wider options (7 lbs)

Runner Up Best Overall Scooter For A 3 Year Old

GOMO Kids Scooter 2-5 year old adjustable

If you are looking for a faster scooter I recommend the GOMO scooter. Your 3 year old will be flying down the road with this scooter's more streamline design. The scooter is similarly priced to the Skidee and offers slightly different features.

This scooter has a shorter range of handlebar height 26-31.5 inches making the scooter most suitable for a 2-5 year old and not ranging as high as the Skidee. The scooter is more than a pound lighter due to the absence  of a seat and a slightly slimmer build, which makes this scooter fly! Also the company offers one more year of warranty than Skidee.

The scooter also features a sturdy aluminum frame, light up wheels and grips on the handlebars. The foot bed is extra wide, however the rear break is not as wide. 

The GOMO scooter has a nose bumper to protect the scooter. If it runs into another object no harm or scratches will appear. 

The scooter doesn’t fold and instead you have to disconnect the handlebar frame from the foot bed.

Pros of GOMO 2-5 Year Old Adjustable Scooter

  • Light-up wheels
  • Wide foot bed with grips
  • Grips on handlebars
  • Lightweight (<6 lbs)

Cons of GOMO 2-5 Year Old Adjustable Scooter

  • Does not fold for travel
  • No option of a seat
  • Less adjustability in handlebar height (5.5 inches)

Best Budget Scooter For 3 Year Old

Radio Flyer Lean N Glide Scooter with light up wheels

Purse strings being pulled?  Have no fear. This scooter is a great option scooter for a 3 year old and about half the cost

The Radio Flyer Scooter is suitable for a 3 year old up to 7 year old or max weight of 60 lbs. The adjustable handlebar height ranges from 25.5-33.25 inches which is greater than the GOMO option by just over 2 inches.

The wheels light up, foot bed is widened and the scooter is lightweight at 5 lbs. The design is more simple with a soft foam handlebar and no option for a seat or foldability. Options are limited to three colors red, blue and purple.

The main difference you will notice when compared to the other more expensive scooters is in the overall build and a less smooth ride. The plastic footbed is thin, brake pedal not as wide and sturdy, and the wheels not as strong. The weight max of this product is only 60 lbs compared to over 100 lbs in other brands.

budget scooter for 3 year old
My nephew on his Radio Flyer Scooter (his didn't have the light up wheels)

My nephew on his Radio Flyer Scooter (his didn't have the light up wheels)

It will work great, but I am not sure you will get the longevity you wouldl get from some of the other brands nor the ability to pass it down to other siblings.

Pros of Radio Flyer Lean N Glide Scooter 

  • Cheap
  • Light-up wheels
  • Lightweight (5 lbs)
  • Adjustable handlebar Range 7.75 inches

Cons of Radio Flyer Lean N Glide Scooter

  • No Seat Option
  • Less wide foot brake
  • Not as strongly built

Best Lightweight Premium Scooter For 3 Year Old

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED Scooter

Micro Kickboard makes a very sturdy Swiss made scooter for a toddler. This scooter is priced higher than Skidee and GOMO, but the build is impeccable and rides very smooth. If you are looking for a quality scooter to outlast your child this one is it!

The scooter is the lightest option at only 4.2 lbs and has a minimalistic construction that looks sleek and fashionable. Your toddler will have no issues carrying this scooter or handling it. The wide foot bed is made from reinforced flexible fiberglass that can withstand a maximum weight of 110lbs. This scooter’s stem is anodised aluminum making it harder to scratch. The manufacturer guarantees a 2 year warranty.

micro scooter great for young toddlers
2 Year Old on Micro Scooter

The scooter offers the lowest handlebar height at 17 inches and extends to 24 inches making it perfect for a 2 year old or even younger. You will be looking for a new scooter sooner since the child range is more narrow, but if you have several kids you can cycle through them.

I personally love this scooter. If my toddlers weren’t loving the seat option of the Skidee this would be my go to scooter.  The Micro also has a less wide base, but as you see in the picture a toddler's feet still fits.

Pros of Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED Scooter

  • Light-up wheels
  • Strong and lightweight (4.2 lbs)
  • Anodised aluminum stem
  • Minimalistic design

Cons of Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED Scooter

  • More expensive option
  • Handlebar adjustability only goes to 24 inches
  • Doesn't fold
  • Less wide base

Best Skateboard Scooter Combo for 3 Year Old

Chillafish Skatieskootie Customizable Training Skateboard

Does your 3 year old show interest in learning to skateboard? I know one of my toddlers did. Chillafish make a skateboard scooter combo. This option is a great way to introduce a skateboard to a 3 year old and still be safe! Remove the handlebar when you are comfortable!

The skateboard features the lean-to-steer technology and elongated wheelbase for better control and stability The T-bar is removable converting the scooter to a skateboard. The skateboard deck comes in 3 colored tails and 3 colored boards for fun adjustments.

The T-bar (handlebars) when in scooter mood is adjustable so you know it will fit your 3 year old.

Pros of Chillafish Skatieskootie

  • Lean-to-Steer technology
  • Detachable handlebar turns to skateboard
  • 3 Colored decks and tail options
  • Large deck width- 6.3 inches
  • Lightweight

Cons of Chillafish Skatieskootie

  • No braking option

Can A 2 Year Old Scooter?

Yes, and my 21 month old son knows how to use his brother's scooter. The main component you will look for in a 2 year old scooter is the same features as a 3 year old scooter; wide footbed, right handlebar height, lean-to-steer technology and 3 wheels.

What Is The Best Scooter For 2 Year Old?

The above scooters are all great options for a 2 year old. The larger the footbed the easier the scooter will be for a 2 year old.

The Skidee Scooter y200 is a great first scooter. A 2 year old has the option to sit down when tired and have mom or dad pull them up a hill, something I have done on many occasions. The light up wheels make it fun and the scooter can grow with your 2 year old.

Another choice for a smaller 2 year old is the Micro Kickboard Mini 3in1 Deluxe. This scooter converts into 3 different stages with the earliest stage starting at 12 months. The scooter starts as a ride-on scooter, converts to a small scooter with O-bar handle and finally converts to a scooter with a T-bar handle.

The Micro Kickboard scooter is great for a 1 year old to start learning balance. The lightweight design makes it easy for a toddler to handle. The soft edges of the scooter make it possible to bring indoors as well as outdoors.

When older the handlebars will adjust up to grow with your child, up to the age of 5.

Do Toddlers Need A Helmet To Ride A Scooter?

Yes, toddlers should wear a helmet when riding a scooter. Toddlers can fall off their scooter and to protect their head a helmet should be worn.

Check out Best Helmets for 1, 2, 3 & 4 Year Olds for more guidance.

Make sure a toddlers helmet is the right size for your toddler and is securely fitted to their head. My two toddlers both have an Ouwoer's Kids Bike Helmet. This helmet is great for my toddlers; it has an adjustable chin strap, adjuster on the back of the helmet to tighten or loosen the fit and additional foam supports.

Below is a helpful video on how to properly fit a toddler's helmet.

How Do You Teach A Toddler To Ride A Scooter?

The best way to teach a toddler to ride a scooter is by example. Perhaps the neighbor, older sibling or kids at the park rides a scooter. Talk to your toddler about what they are doing and gauge their interest.You can watch a video together on youtube demonstrating how to ride a scooter.

Once the concept is in your toddlers mind then practice with their own scooter. As a parent you will want to talk through the steps, but also let your child explore on their own. Keep your conversation positive and praise your little one for progress made.

In no time your toddler will be flying down the streets on their scooter!

Hope this helps you decide what scooter is best for your toddler!

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