Best Toddler Hiking Pants: For Outdoor Toddlers



Feb 21, 2023

One of my joys in life is going on hikes with my kids and right now that means two toddlers and a baby. Many people ask if hiking pants for toddlers is a thing. When I started I didn't think so, their normal clothes worked just fine, but now I love toddler hiking pants.

hiking pants for toddler Oakiwear
My almost 2 year old loves his hiking pants

Toddler hiking pants have many benefits over normal clothes. For one thing they keep my kids normal clothes from getting destroyed too quickly. Hiking pants are made for the tough nature play and abuse they get. And the best part is a decent pair lasts, no longer need for many!

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Does a Toddler Need Hiking Pants?

Yes and no. Is it required to hike? No. Does it have some benefits? Absolutely. 

If you hike with toddlers often hiking pants are a good investment.  They provide foliage and UV protection, are made to get muddy and wet and, most importantly, your toddlers' everyday clothes do not get ruined. 

What are the Different Types of Toddler Hiking Pants?

I identified two different types of hiking pants based on purpose and weather.

Toddler Hiking Pants for Colder Weather

cold weather hiking pants
My two toddlers in Oaki Trail and Hike Pants: Great for sitting in hay and mud!

The first type of hiking pants is for colder months and/or wet conditions. When it is cold outside you want to layer your toddler for warmth. 

For hiking with a toddler the outer pants layer is a great protection against nature. You want rain proof, mud resistant, durable hiking pants. The hiking pants will keep your toddler’s under layer dry and clean so at the end of the hike you can take them off and have a clean toddler for the drive home!

This type of toddler hiking pants will open up play for your toddler. You will not have to worry about them jumping in the mud pile, sitting in the dirt or brushing up against twigs or poison ivy because the hiking pants will protect them. 

Toddler Hiking Pants for Warm Weather

The second type of hikings pants is for summer weather. You want summer hiking pants to be very lightweight, dry quickly and protect your toddler from poison ivy and shrubbery. 

Summer hiking pants should be able to get wet and dry quickly as you continue to hike. Your toddler can wade in the water or jump in the puddle without worrying that the pants will weigh them down. 

A summer hiking pants has benefits over shorts. It provides UV protection and protection against abrasion and rashes from foliage. It is never fun to realize your toddler has rubbed poison ivy over their legs! 

What Makes a Great Toddler Hiking Pants?


If you know toddlers you know they like to sit right in the middle of the mud or amongst the plants. You want hiking pants that will protect them from the plants and the dirt. 

Breathable & Quick Drying

Hiking pants should be comfortable and not hold on to moisture. If your toddler gets them wet they should be able to start drying out as you continue to hike.   

Easy To Clean

No mom wants to spend her extra time scrubbing stains out. Hiking pants should be quick to clean, either able to put in the washer or easily wiped clean.

Long Lasting

Hiking pants need to withstand contact with twigs and foliage. They need to not wear through the knees or have the seam come undone. You need a hiking pant that is made to last, because toddlers are rough. 

Top Reasons for Get Toddler Hiking Pants

Protection against foliage

You never know when your toddler will find poison ivy or other plants that may give them rashes. Covering your toddler's legs prevents plants from brushing up against them.

UV Protection

The best sun protection is to cover their skin. In summer you can either put sunscreen on, make sure you stay out of the sun or protect their legs with UV protective clothing.

Keeps Everyday Clothes in Better Condition

Having durable hiking pants means you aren’t ruining your toddlers' normal day clothes. It is no lie that toddlers are rough on clothes and especially so when out on hikes. It will be easy for your toddler to get holes in their normal pants or to get grass stains on them.  

Toddler will love being like you!

Toddlers love to imitate their parents, that is how they learn. If they see you wearing specific pants they will get a kick out of owning their own pair!

Best Toddler Hiking Pants

Columbia Girls Silver Ridge Pull-on Banded Pant: Best Summer Toddler Girl Hiking Pants

Columbia Girls Hiking Pants are great for warm weather hiking. They are made of ripstop nylon material that is nice and light. The pants are UVA and UVB protected so no need to suncream their legs.

The hiking pants are Omni-Wick which means when they get wet they will dry quickly, especially on a nice sunny day. They even have a pocket to keep a treasure you find on the hike.

These hiking pants for girls are reinforced at the knee and crafted for action. Your girl should be able to jump, twist or lunge easily in the pants. They also come in several color options and are tapered around the ankles.

Columbia Kids & Baby Silver Ridge Pull-On Pant: Best Summer Toddler Boy Hiking Pants

Columbia Boy Silver Ridge Pull-on pants are similar to the girl hiking pants except they do not taper around the ankles; they fall straight. It is perfect summer weather hiking pants for toddlers.

summer hiking pants for toddlers Columbia
My 4 Year Old in his Columbia Hiking Pants (Just like Momma's)

My 4 Year Old in his Columbia Hiking Pants (Just like Momma's)

The boys hiking pants are designed to be cargo style with the pocket on the thigh. The same benefits apply as above, omni-wicking, reinforced knees, made for action and sunblocking.

Oakiwear Trail and Rain Pants: Best Toddler Hiking Pants for Wet and Mud

Oakiwear Trail and Rain Toddler Pants are great for muddy or wet hikes. These pants are made big to fit over normal pants. Slip them on at the start of the hike and have no worries!

hiking pants for toddler protect against mud!
My son splashing away in his mud pile he found

Your toddler can jump in the mud pile, sit in the mud pile or brush up against the leaves and nothing bad will happen. The pants will protect the clothes underneath.

The ankles have velcro so you can close the pants around rain boots.  This will ensure that even if walking in puddles no water will find its way in. Even the socks will remain dry.

My toddlers both have a pair of these trail pants and we wear them on most of our hikes. They mess around in all the mud and get wet and we simply take them off before getting in the car. At home I just wipe the dirt away.

Jan & Jul Cozy Dry Rain/Snow Pants: Best Toddler Hiking Pants for Snow

Do you live in an area where you do lots of snow hikes with toddlers? Well Jan & Jul Snow Pants make great winter hiking pants. The material on the outside keeps the snow and dirt off your child while the inner is made with fleece for warmth.

The pants feature a pocket, elasticized ankles and are waterproof and windproof. They fold very small to fit into a backpack and are machine washable.

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