Best Toddler Sleeping Bag for Camping



Feb 05, 2022

The thought of sleeping outside under the stars with your toddler brings excitement and anticipation for both my toddler and me. But now you have to figure out what your toddler should sleep in? Do toddler sleeping bags exist? What do other parents do when sleeping with toddlers?

I got you covered. I will go over the main questions that you should consider when planning a camping trip with your toddler and recommendations for sleep. You don't always have to go away to use your sleeping bag, try backyard camping with your toddler too!

toddler sleeping bag camping

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Summary of Best Toddler Sleeping Bags

ProductCategoryAge Range
Best Toddler Sleeping Bag for Camping Best Cold Weather Toddler Sleeping Bag
3 Year Olds+
Runner Up Best Toddler Sleeping Bag for Camping Best Summer Toddler Sleeping Bag
3 Year Olds+
Best Wearable Toddler Sleeping Bag Safest Sleeping Bag for 2 Year Old
2-4 Year Olds
Best Affordable Wearable Toddler Sleeping Bag Best Affordable Summer Young Toddler Sleeping Bag
18 -36 months
Best Baby Sleeping Bag Best Infant Wearable Sleeping Bag
6-24 months old

Considerations to Find Best Toddler Sleeping Bags

choices for toddler and baby sleeping bags for camping
Left: Toddler size sleeping bag Middle: Toddler size wearable sleeping bag Right: Baby size wearable sleeping bag

What does your toddler sleep in at home?

If they are still sleeping in a sleep sack a wearable sleeping bag might be best.

If your toddler is used to a bed and blankets a toddler sleeping bag might be the winner.

How many people will be sleeping in the tent? 

More bodies in a small space will generate heat. If you have more space in your tent you might be able to bring a toddler cot to sleep on or even a pack-n-play, depending on what your toddler is used to.

What temperatures do you plan on camping at?

Sleeping bags and options are rated up to different temperatures. When purchasing a product you want to ensure it will be warm enough for your toddler. 

Will you be hiking to your camping spot or driving to it?

If you have to hike to your destination the product's weight is a big concern. If you are driving then you will not have a weight limit, but trunk space limit.

What type of insulation is best for a toddler? 

Sleeping bags/wearables come in either a synthetic or down insulation. Down insulation is lighter for its weight, however is very pricy. Synthetic insulation is heavier per weight, however performs better in wet or moist conditions. Given most do not want to spend $300+ on a toddler sleeping bag that will be used for a couple of years, all toddler sleeping bags come in synthetic insulation, at least that I can find. 

However, you will have some down options if you choose a wearable sleeping bag or blanket for your toddler.

Are Sleeping Bags Safe for Toddlers?

Sleeping bags are not safe for toddlers under the age of 3. Before 3 your toddler might wiggle down into the sleeping bag and suffocate. There are other alternatives for a younger toddler to sleep while camping.

For a toddler over the age of 3 yes, however the sleeping bag should NOT be an adult size sleeping bag, but a child size. 

two advertised toddler sleeping bags
Right photo is ANZ sleeping bag made for a toddler, up to 4'5". Left photo was advertised fits kids and adults, but clearly is too big for a toddler. Also the width of a toddler sleeping bag is smaller.

Sleeping bags work by using one’s body heat to keep them warm overnight. If the sleeping bag is too large for their size the warmth is being lost and not keeping your toddler warm.

You should also ensure the sleeping bag is the right size for the person sleeping in it. For toddlers I recommend the smallest size which are sleeping bags for kids up to 4’ 5”. Mummy style sleeping bags are the warmest.

A sleeping bag is the right size
A sleeping bag which is too big

Sleeping bag on left is appropriately sized for a toddler. You can see how the head opening is smaller and fits a toddler better than the right photo which is too large

Options are limited at this size, but still a couple different options to choose from. I go over my top picks soon.

What are Alternatives to Sleeping Bags for Toddlers?

The alternatives to sleeping bags are sleeping quilts and wearable sleeping bags. 

How do toddler sleeping quilts outside work?

A sleeping quilt does not confine a toddler as a zippered sleeping bag and can be a good alternative for a younger toddler

A toddler sleeping quilts is normally used with a sleeping pad on the ground of a tent. Or you can use a sleeping cot with a quilt depending on available size of tent and carrying capacity.

A sleeping quilt is a blanket that your toddler can use as their comforter, just like at home. This option is best when camping during warmer months of the year. Your toddler will sleep on the sleeping pad or cot directly with a blanket on top.

I use my Regalo My Cot if the tent is large enough with my toddler. To read more about this cot check out Best Travel Toddler Bed.

Pros of sleeping quilts/blankets:

  • If your toddler is already use to a blanket this works great
  • No worry of toddler not able to get out and suffocating
  • Multiple uses other than sleeping, stadium blanket or sitting around a fire
  • Lightweight option and can come in down insulation (if preferred)

Cons of sleeping Quilts/blankets

  • Airflow can escape on the sides
  • Toddler can kick it off and be left uncovered

Great option is Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket. It only weighs a pound and packages up small. The blanket is made from ripstop nylon outer shell and has a down insulation filling made of 80%down and 20% feathers. 

What is a wearable toddler sleeping bag?

This is a great option for a young toddler. This is a sleeping bag you wear that is like a sleep sack. The young toddler has no way to cover their face and will stay warm. A toddler can wear and sleep directly on a sleeping pad, cot or even a pack-n-play (if you have the space).

Best Wearable Toddler Sleeping Bag

Little Mo 20 Sleeping Bag or Big Mo 20 Sleeping Bag

Morrison Outdoor makes a wearable sleeping bag in two different sizes, one for a baby to young toddler (6-24 months) and an older toddler (2-4 years old). This wearable blanket has a temperature range from 20 degrees to 60 degrees F. 

The sleeping bag features sleeves that are closed ensuring your toddler’s hand stays warm. The fill type is 100% RDS insulated down with an outer layer made of water-resistant ripstop nylon. The product weighs very little (9 and 13 oz respectively). The footbox is fully enclosed and has a two way zipper.

best wearable sleeping bag for 3 year old
My 3 Year Old in his Morrison Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag compresses to the size of a water bottle making it easy to pack either in the car or in the hiking backpack. 

You can feel good about purchasing from this company. A portion of their sales goes to charities. Also they have a trade-in program for when your toddler outgrows it. 

Pros of Big Mo and Little Mo Sleeping Bag 20 
  • Machine washable
  • Enclosed hands and feet
  • Two way zipper
  • Lightweight
  • RDS certified down
  • Trade-in program
Cons of Big Mo and LIttle Mo 20
  • Need to bring a hat for toddler’s head
  • Expensive option

Morrison Outdoor also makes a wearable sleeping bag for temperature ranges of 40 degrees to 60 degrees F. 

Runner Up Best Wearable Toddler Sleeping Bag

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel Quilted Baby Sleeping Bag

A great option if you only go camping in warmer weather is the Baby Deedee sleeping bag. This wearable sleeping bag is rated for outdoor temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees F. 

Baby Deedee sleeping bag features removable sleeves with shoulder snaps, 100% polyester water resistant material, lightweight and two way zipper.

I would recommend bringing warm fleece pajamas to go under the sleeping bag for added warmth.

Pros of Baby Deedee sleep nest Travel sleeping bag
  • Cheaper option
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Removable sleeves 
  • Two-way zipper
Cons of Baby Deedee sleep nest travel sleeping bag
  • Narrow range of temperatures for use (55-65)
  • Older Toddler might be able to snap off shoulder to remove sleeves themselves
  • Need to bring hat for toddler’s head

Best Toddler Sleeping Bags for Camping

Big Agnes 15 Degree Sleeping Bags for Kids- Little Red

Do you want a toddler sleeping bag with all the whistles? Big Agnes makes child size sleeping bags that can’t be beat down to a toddler size. The little red version fits a toddler up to 4’ 5” and comes in red and is the perfect sleeping bag for 3 year old. 

This toddler sleeping bag ensures your toddler stays on their sleeping pad with a full sleeve that slips into a sleeping pad. The zipper is draft-less and comes with a side storage sack perfect for your toddlers stuffie.

Other features include a contour head that is designed for little heads and a cord-lock to clinch hood tighter for extra warmth. The sleeping bag outer is made from rib-proof polyester with a water repellent finish. The inner is made with M4 synthetic insulation, a shingled construction to prevent cold spots. 

The sleep bag is rated down to 15 degrees F making it a 4 season bag. You will need to separately purchase a sleeping pad to go under the sleeping bag. Recommended pad would be 20” by 48”.

Pros of Big Agnes Little Red

  • Mummy style
  • Contoured head
  • No draft collar and zipper
  • Storage Sack
  • Integrated half pad sleeve 
  • Lightweight (1 lb 12 ounces)

Cons of Big Agnes Little Red

  • Need to purchase right size sleeping pad (if using)
  • Costly

ANJ Outdoors 32 F Youth and Kids Sleeping Bag

A more affordable option, about half as expensive as Big Agnes, comes from ANJ and is rated for temperatures down to 32 degrees F. So as long as you are not camping in winter this might be your best pick toddler sleeping bag!

Like the Little Red from Big Agnes this sleeping bag was made for children up to 4’5”.  The hood comes with a pull string to tighten hood closure for extra warmth. An extra draft tube is built in around the zipper with a neck velcro snap to ensure no cold air from sneaking in.

The outer material and lining is made from polyester and is waterproof. The inner is made with 330 GSM synthetic insulation.

ANZ toddler size sleeping bag carrying case
My 3 year old carrying the sleeping bag

Does your toddler like their autonomy as much as mine do? This sleeping bag comes with a carrying case to work as a backpack for your toddler.

Pros of ANJ Kids Sleeping Bag

  • Mummy style
  • Polyester shell and lining
  • 330 GSM synthetic filling
  • Double zipper
  • Pillow sleeve
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Backpack style carrying bag

Cons of ANJ Kids Sleeping Bag

  • Heavier than Big Agnes by 5-6 ounces
  • 3 season instead of 4 (not rated for very low temperatures)

What is Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Camping?

best baby sleeping bag for camping
My 9 month old daughter in her wearable sleeping sack

The best and only sleeping bag for a baby is a wearable sleeping bag. Normal sleeping bags ARE NOT SAFE. A normal sleeping bag can suffocate a baby as it can a young toddler.

I use Little Mo 40 for my baby girl. She is happy to join the family for camping and sleeps well in her wearable sleeping bag.

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Hope you found this helpful in selecting your toddler sleeping bag for camping!