Best Travel Bathtub for Baby



Jan 01, 2022

Planning on a trip with your baby and wondering if you need to purchase a travel bathtub for baby? I am a mom of three that loves adventuring with my kids. Let me take you through the considerations before deciding if you need a travel baby bath and which one is best for you!

Two travel bathtub with my two sons
My 20 month old and 3 year old, 3 year old is too old for these travel baby bathtub but can still fit if needed

If you are like me I try to travel light. A travel bathtub for baby should be lightweight and easy to pack. It can be a very useful baby item you will want to pack on all your trips or leave at a grandparents house.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

Summary Of Best Travel Bathtub For Baby

Best Overall Travel Bathtub For Baby
Sadle Horn Cushioned Quick to Dry Low Cost and Weight Folds Easily
Runner Up Best Travel Bathtub for Baby
White Hot Technology Textured Bottom Fun Design Lightweight Folds for Travel
Best Travel Infant Bathtub
Folds Flat Grippy Texture Cradles Baby's Head Non-Absorbent Material
Runner Up Best Travel Infant Bathtub
Contoured Adjustable Petals Machine Washable Non Slip In Bathtub
Best Portable Bathtub for Toddlers Best Toddler Baby Camping Bathtub
Heat-Sensitive Drain Fit Two Toddlers Folds for Travel Non-Slip Base
Best Car Trip Travel Bathtub for Baby
3 Stage Bathtub 2 Ergonomic Positions Dual Mesh Layer Non Slip
Honorable Mention Best Travel Bathtub for Baby
Lightweight No Slip Textured Bottom Free Pump Side Pocket

Are Baby Bath Tubs Necessary?

Depends on your situation and your lifestyle. It is not strictly necessary, but could be very useful for the traveling family with kids. You will want to consider many factors before purchasing a baby bathtub.

Questions To Consider Before Buying Travel Bathtub For Baby

  • What does your accommodation/s provide?
  • How long is your stay?
  • How old is your baby?
  • What is your baby/toddlers bedtime routine?

What Does Your Accommodation Provide?

Before spending the cash take a step back to research where you will be staying and what the set up will be.  

Will you have a bathtub? Or only a standing shower? If your accommodation will only have a standing shower a travel bathtub for baby is needed.

How Long Is Your Stay?

Do you travel often? And if not this trip you have planned, is it a week long or only a couple of days? 

If you plan on traveling often, what will your means of transportation be? Will you most often drive or plan on lots of airplane trips? Answers to these questions can help you determine which travel bath tub is right for you.

Can you get by for a short trip without fully bathing you little one?

How Old Is Your Baby? What Type of Travel Bathtub Are Most Appropriate?

Newborns' travel bathtubs are not the same as older baby travel bathtubs. The ability for your baby to sit changes the game and product most appropriate.

If you plan on traveling often with a baby, think about the age you will start traveling and how many young people you will be traveling with.  

What Is Your Baby/Toddlers Current Bedtime Routine?

Do you currently bath your child every night? Is it an essential part of your established bedtime?

Parents that have structured bedtime routines will want to stick to these routines while traveling. The routine will help signal to your child bedtime is coming even in a new environment. 

baby bathrobe after bath

For all my babies a calm bath at the end of the day signaled the start of bedtime. When traveling I like to emulate this experience. It helps my babies keep to their routine even when not at home.

Cleveland Clinics have found that a consistent bedtime routine can help your child sleep better. Furthermore, a bath 90 minutes before bed helps trigger sleep.

What Are The Alternatives To A Travel Bathtub?

If you do not want to purchase a travel bath tub what are your other options to keep your baby clean?

Option 1: Bring a couple washcloths and soap. 

alternative to travel bathtub: kitchen sink
8 month old fits great in a kitchen sink for a bath

Using the sink, tub or shower. Wet one washcloth in warm water and lay on baby’s belly. Use the second washcloth to clean your baby. 

A second person might be needed to help prop up the baby.

Option 2: Look into BabyQuip.

BabyQuip is a company where you can rent baby gear and have it delivered to your destination. Tee gear is all clean and sanitized and the purpose is to help traveling families. The company was featured on Shark Tank.

However, this company isn’t global so check to see if they deliver to the area you will be traveling to.

Option 3: Bath with your older baby

If your accommodation provides a bathtub you can always take a bath together. Let your baby lean against you and just make sure you are providing the right support for a little one.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub vs Foldable Baby Bathtubs

There are two main types of travel bathtubs for baby, an inflatable bath tub and a foldable bathtub. Each have their advantages and can be used for travel.

What is an Inflatable Baby Bathtub?

An inflatable baby bathtub requires a pump to inflate. These bathtubs are best for baby comfort and come with padding. A baby or young toddler will be able to splash in play in these tubs.

inflatable travel baby bath tub
My almost 9 month old baby in an inflatable travel bath tub

The inflatable baby bathtubs deflated should fit easily in your suitcase for travel. Again don't forget your pump. Mouth inflating can be exhausting and take too long. You will want to clean these tubs and let them dry after each use to prevent mold build up.

Travel Best Suited for Inflatable Baby Bathtubs

  • Road Trips With Minimal Stops
  • Staying in one location for several days
  • Option at Frequently Visited House (Grandparents)

What is a Foldable Baby Bathtub?

A foldable baby bathtub does not require a pump for set up. You simply unfold the bathtub and you are ready to go. This set up and clean up is quicker. The baby bathtub will fold flat and easy to pack in the car or in a suitcase.

A foldable bathtub is not as plush as an inflatable bathtub and more straightforward tub. You will not find padding. This option is great for a baby who can sit up.

Travel Best Suited for Foldable Baby Bathtubs

  • Airtravel
  • Camping
  • Road Trip with Multiple Stops

Best Overall Travel Bathtub For Baby

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bathtub Froggie Collection

This travel bathtub will not break your budget, (under $15) and comes in an adorable froggy design. The bathtub is suitable for babies who can sit-up to a 24 month old or 34 pounds.

The tub has a saddle horn design that prevents your baby from slipping while in the bath and inflated separately. For an older child you can choose not to inflate and provide a large surface for your child. 

Charlie Froggie portable baby bathtub
My 20 month old fits in the bath still with the saddle horn blown up

The bathtub is cushioned allowing you to use it on any surface. Place it in a tub, shower tray or on the ground outside!

The inflatable design and weight of only 1 pound ensures a compressed version to pack while traveling and suitable for both road trips and airplane travel.

However, keep in mind that it is easiest to blow up with a pump and different countries have different voltages for plug in pumps. There are a total of three sections to blow up, main tub, padded bottom and saddle horn.

The material is quick to dry and easy to pick up and take if your trip requires multiple stops. The tub will fold making it easy to pack in a suitcase.

Pros of mommy's helper inflatable travel bathtub: 

  • Saddle horn design to prevent baby from slipping Lightweight
  • 100% phthalate free
  • Cushioned design for safety 
  • Cute froggy design
  • Low cost and weight
  • Built in drain
  • Folds easily for travel

Cons of mommy's helper inflatable travel bathtub:

  • Hard to inflate by mouth 
  • Only use once baby is able to sit up
  • Clean after use to ensure no mold buildup

Runner Up Best Overall Travel Bathtub For Baby

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Baby Travel Bath

This Munchkin travel bath tub comes in the shape of a yellow duck and could not be cuter. The bathtub, like the Froggie one above, is only suitable for a baby once they can sit up to 24 months or 80 pounds.

The bath has white hot technology built into the safety disc.  When the safety disc turns white the water may be too hot and should be checked before placing your little one in the tub. 

The duck tub has a textured bottom to help prevent slipping and is also padded. Once deflated this tub can be easily folded and packed for travel.

There are two sections to inflate, the main body and the padded bottom. Both my kids love the duck design. It doubles as a toy and often my toddler likes to nap in the duck!

charlie duck travel bathtub for baby
My 20 month old is enamored with this duck design travel bathtub

Some customers have used this inflatable duck as floating devices for their kids in pools, lakes or even the ocean. Parent supervision required!

This product is very lightweight, less than half a pound and cheap (less than $15). This is the cheapest travel tub I would recommend. Like all inflatable products you will want to make sure it is washed and dry before folding to prevent mold build up. There is a suction tab on the back of the duck to hang dry.

A couple customers have had issues with air leaking, but I personally have not had that issue.

Watch out, your baby or toddler will want to play with the duck when not on vacation!

Pros of Munchkin inflatable travel baby bath:

  • White hot technology tells you if water is too hot
  • Textured bottom to prevent slipping
  • Lightweight and deflates and folds for travel
  • Lead free
  • Adorable design

Cons of munchkin inflatable travel baby bath:

  • Hard to inflate by mouth
  • Only use once baby is able to sit up
  • Clean after use to ensure no mold buildup

Best Travel Infant Bathtub

baby bamboo bath towel

Puj Flyte

The Puj Flyte is a great infant portable bathtub. The tub folds flat so it can easily be placed in your travel luggage. No need to bring anything else for this bathtub!

The travel infant bathtub is made in a grippy texture that is non-absorbent allowing for it to dry quickly. You only need a sink, which all accommodations should provide and you should be set to bathe your newborn to 6 months old baby. 

The price is slightly more than the blow up baby bath tubs for an older baby, but still very reasonable.

Pros of Puj Flyte:

  • Cradles and protects baby’s head
  • Small to fit in suitcase: 23L by 7.5W inches and folds down flat 
  • Free of toxins
  • Grippy texture to keep from slipping
  • Non-absorbent material for a quick dry

Cons of Puj Flyte:

  • Requires a sink designed between 16-19 inches by 11 -13 inches wide and 4-6 inches deep
  • Facet needs to be high enough not to interfere
  • Only used for 6 months 

Runner Up Best Travel Infant Bathtub

Blooming Bath Lotus Bath Seat

The Lotus Bath was designed by four fathers to help make bathing a newborn easier. The travel infant bathtub seat is placed in a sink and is made up of contoured petals, making it comfortable for the baby. You can move the pedals around to find the right support for your baby.

The Lotus bath is machine washable and dry-able, chemical free and available in six cute flower colors. It is slightly more expensive than the Puj, but in the same ball park.

Some parents move this flower seat to the bathtub once their little one is older than 6 months old. Placing the infant travel bathtub in a bathtub as a seat makes the tub nonslip.

The biggest complaint of the bathtub is that the pedals are very absorbent and it takes a very long time to dry. If you let air dry it might be a couple days before it's dry enough to be packed up. Best if you can dry in a dryer when traveling.

Pros of Blooming Bath Lotus Bath Seat:

  • Fits in most sinks
  • Machine and dryer safe
  • Won parent tested parent approved award
  • Chemical free 
  • Lightweight, weighs 1.1 lbs.
  • Pedals are adjustable to find appropriate head support
  • Can place in bathtub as a non slip or added cushion in the tub for older baby

Cons of Blooming Bath Lotus Bath Seat:

  • Only used as infant bathtub for first 6 months of life
  • Drying it after each use can take awhile
  • Some parents concerned with neck support

Best Portable Bathtub For Toddlers: Multiple Young Children

Stokke Flexi Bath X-Large

The Stokke Flexi Bath X-large is ideal for the family with two toddlers. This portable bathtub folds for easy travel with clasps to ensure it stays folded. 

The product features a heat-sensitive drain plug to visually show you when the water is too warm for your little ones and a non-slip base.

Stokke would be a great option to bring while camping with children. The manufacturer recommends it for a child up to the age of 6 allowing you to get many years of use from the product.

The Stokke bath normal size is another great option for just one child or for a newborn with the Stokke bath package.  The newborn package comes with the newborn support that fits into the Stokke bath that mimics the ergonomic support of a steady arm.

This product is heavier with the X-large coming in at 4.39 lbs and better suited for car travel rather than airplane trips. Make sure to let dry after each use before folding and taking with you. 

This option is one of the more expensive options but can fit two kids and years of use longer.

Pros of Stokke Flexi Bath X-Large:

  • Foldable bath tub
  • X-large is 25% bigger than normal size so 2 young children can fit
  • Great for camping 
  • Non-slip base
  • Heat-sensitive drain plug 
  • Closeable clasp to keep product folded
  • Easy set up

Cons of Stokke Flexi Bath X-Large:

  • Weights more than other options
  • Would not recommend for the family traveling by air
  • Pricer option

Best Car Trip Travel BathTub For Baby

Skip Hop Bath Bath Tub 

The Skip Hop Tub is a great option for the family that only plans on taking road trips and less concerned with packing space limitations.. This product can be used from birth up to 25lbs making it useful from the start!

Another great option for this tub is if you want to leave a tub at a grandparents house that you visit often. No one wants to transport a tub back and forth. The travel bathtub for baby and toddlers is also very affordable.

The bath tub comes in a 3 stage design. The newborn stage uses a sling for support and is removed for the infant stage and sitting stage. The stage approach means you will not have to buy a separate tub for your older baby!

The tub locks into two ergonomic positions; a higher position for a more full body support and a lower position ideal for the seated baby. 

Like all my other winners the tub features a non-slip interior and to dry the tub you can use the built in hook to hang. 

Pros of Skip Hop Bath Bathtub:

  • 3 stages: newborn, infant and sitting baby
  • Locks into 2 ergonomic positions
  • Dual layer mesh for comfort
  • Non slip interior texture
  • Hook to hang tub to dry
  • Drain plug

Cons of Skip Hop Bath Bathtub:

  • Bigger and weighs more than other options
  • Not to take on a plane
  • Label might peel, best to remove it 

Honor Mention Best Travel Bathtub For Baby

Baby Inflatable Bathtub, portable Infant Toddler Bath tub

The Baby inflatable bathtub is also a great option for traveling families. At less than 1 lb this product will not take up weight in your suitcase. This product is designed for babies aged 6 months to 36 months.

The travel bathtub for baby and toddler is made from high quality PVC material and features a no-slip textured bottom. Also included in the price is a free pump!

The tub features a side pocket that you can use to place your baby’s shampoo, hook for easy drying and storage bag. The bath tub’s back is angled at 45 degrees so the caregiver can be hands free with no worry.

Some individuals have had problems with air leaks and with its ribbed design concerned with mold buildup. Make sure you clean after each use and air dry.

Pros of Baby Inflatable Bathtub, portable Infant Toddler Bath tub:

  • Toxin free material 
  • N0-slip tub 
  • Free pump included
  • Attached hook for easy drying and a side pocket
  • Storage bag

Cons of Baby Inflatable Bathtub, portable Infant Toddler Bath tub:

  • Can be hard to clean with all crevices
  • Not suitable for newborn
  • Punctures or air leaks

Should I Bring Any Other Bath Items While Traveling With A Baby?

Yes, there are a couple key travel baby bath items you should pack. I bring my own baby towel, washcloth and infant soap. Most accommodations provide towels, but given how sensitive a baby’s skin is, I feel best bringing my own.

Should You Pack Bath Toys?

I would not pack bath toys for traveling with a baby. Keep packing to a minimal and only bring the essentials. My babies often have a great time splashing in the water. Additional toys were not required for bath time fun.

If you are leaving a portable bathtub at a family members house to be used regularly, leaving a bath toy is reasonable. In this situation you are not having to add the toy to luggage.