My Stay At Legoland with Two toddlers



Mar 14, 2022

Thinking about going to Legoland Florida with your toddlers? I just got back from taking my 21 month old and 3 year old on a two night trip to Legoland. Below you will find my honest feedback and my experience of going to Legoland Florida with two toddlers.

This article was not sponsored by the resort nor did I receive any discounts. I paid full price for my stay and chose to go here myself.

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Where we stayed at Legoland Florida

I booked a packaged deal that included two nights stay at the Pirate Island themed hotel rooms at Legoland Florida. The package also included two day passes at Legoland and the Water Park. 

Our room had a king size bed, a bathroom and in the same room but separated by a partial wall were  bunk beds and trundle pull out for kids. My youngest was not yet two so we also arranged for a pack-n-play to be in our room at no additional charge. 

legoland florida pirate island hotel room
My sons loved the Lego Build Station right in their room

The room was themed throughout and both my toddler boys loved it! Opposite the bunk beds were two toddler size lego play areas equipped with legos. Each day the hotel left a new lego pack for the kids to play with. In reality my boys were too young, but it would be a nice touch for kids 4+.

When I say the room was themed I mean carpet, walls, decorations, pictures and even featured lego structures. The room also had two TVs, one opposite the king bed and one in the kids section. We didn’t personally turn the TV on, but they were there.

Also the room had an Alexa device. When we were getting the kids ready for the day we asked Alexa to play “toddler music” and the boys loved it.

The Benefits of Staying at Legoland Hotel

The hotel was a perfect spot to stay, not only because of the package and proximity to the park, but also because of the entertainment built into staying at the hotel.

The Heated Pool

The hotel has a large pool out the back, with a slow gradual walk in feature. This is ideal for toddlers as they don’t have to be dropped into a pool. My sons could explore in the water at their own pace and comfort level.   

Legoland Florida resort outdoor heated pool
My family and I in the heated pool. One year old wearing his Nexwave toddler floatie

My family and I in the heated pool. One year old wearing his Nexwave toddler floatie

I had my boys wear their toddler swim vests while in the pool. It gave me peace of mind and let them have more autonomy. An adult was always in the pool with them, just not always right next to them. My boys loved having the feeling of independence.

The pool also featured large legos anyone could play with. My sons would go and collect them and use them as toys or build with them. A large slide was next to the pool for older kids to use and which was open from 4-9pm. My husband enjoyed going down, but my boys were too young.

Legoland Resort Pool
View of the pool and waterslide

On our first full day at Legoland we went to the park. My 3 year old only wanted to go back to the hotel so he could play in the pool. The hotel itself is an attraction that my toddlers loved.

Lego Themed Restaurants

The hotel had two different restaurants. The restaurants were decked out in lego designs and breakfast was included in the packaged deal. The two restaurants served breakfast as family style and offered slightly different menus.

Legoland Florida hotel restuarant
Restaurants featured many different Lego Builds

The first day our breakfast platter contained pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, home fries, eggs and fruit for the kids. The second day was similar but there was french toast instead of pancakes and an option to order a specialty omelet. 

The food wasn’t fancy, but delicious enough and my toddlers enjoyed it. 

Two bars were also in the hotel in more open spaces. One bar was located near the pool area and also served lunch items. You could order drinks and bring them out to the pool. 

We had lunch our first day at the bar/lunch area after coming back from the park. They served generous portions,  reasonably priced and had delicious fries. I had to force myself to stop eating. 

The other bar was tucked closer to the rooms surrounded by lego play stations for the kids. As an adult you could have a drink while your kids played with legos and watched lego TV. 

Dinner Options: Must Prebook

Dinner was also family style and offered set menus. Unfortunately, we didn’t know you had to book early so we didn’t eat dinner at the hotel but got food out. To be honest we were so full from the large lunch we had at the bar that we didn’t have much of an appetite for dinner.

Ultimate Lego Play Zones

The hotel really was an attraction in its own right. A large lego castle play area was positioned in between the main restaurant and bar on the way out to the pool. My boys loved running around the castle and playing with all the children.

Legoland Florida Lego Castle in lobby
Me, pregnant, holding my 21 month old in front of the indoor Lego castle in the hotel

The castle was also designed so that only one side was opened for kids to enter and leave. This helped keep track of where your kids were so you could sit down and relax while they played. 

In the main lobby there were lego pits where you could help build legos up onto pillars.  It was in eye sight of the lego castle so your kids could bounce back and forth between the two play zones. 

Legoland Florida hotel main lobby lego wall
My youngest helping to build the lego wall in the front lobby of the hotel

My husband spent a good thirty minutes connecting legos from the bottom to the top of the pillar! A great spot to relive your childhood memories of legos and forget that you grew up.

Many Hotel Activities

The hotel featured different activities starting around 4:30 pm all the way up to a pj dance party at 8:30 for the kids. Every day a different Lego build workshop occurred, but my toddlers were too young for this.  There was also a couple different Lego characters meet-and-greets around the hotel. 

Legoland Florida hotel activities
Legoland Hotel DJ Dance Party, kids listening to the instructions

The pj dance party was held at the Lego castle in the hotel and led by two Lego characters. Music was played and the characters had all the kids parade around and engage in different dances for about 30 minutes.

My 21 month old was too young for this, but still stood by and watched.   My three year old was one of the youngest who partook and half way through was too exhausted to continue. Normally my kids go to bed at 7 so an 8:30 dance party was a bit late for them.

However, if you have older kids, say 5 and up, this is a great way for them to end their exciting day!

Legoland Park Right Next Door

The park was a stone’s throw from the hotel, really a 2 minute walk. This made it easy to come and go and there was no reason to drive once we arrived at the hotel. 

Legoland Park Entrance
My boys at the entrance, with the Legoland Hotel sign in the back, yes it was that close!

The park isn’t as large as other theme parks, such as Hershey Park, Busch Gardens or Six Flags, but plenty big enough for young kids and my toddlers to enjoy.

Duplo Valley: Prefect for Toddlers

Duplo Valley was perfect for toddlers and allowed many different ride options. My three year old isn’t a thrill seeker and often afraid of anything that looks scary, but he still found many rides he could go on. He loved the train ride, the tractor ride around the animals and indoor playground. My 21 month year old was also able to partake in all rides in Duplo Valley.

Legoland Florida Park duplo valley train ride
My son loving the Duplo Valley Train

The other section of the park that was great for toddlers was in Lego City. Here there was a boat ride, toddler driving school and firetruck race. My 21 month old loved driving his own boat while my 3 year old enjoyed driving his own car around a circuit.

Legoland Park Toddler Driving School
My 3 year old son on the toddler driving school track

Throughout the park were a couple different toddler play zones and playgrounds. A safari ride was also a hit for my toddlers and as well as some indoor action games.

Miniland: Captivating

Miniland is a section of the park that can be enjoyed by all. It had millions of legos displayed in different locations from around the world, from race tracks to cities to space ships to pyramids. Some displays offered buttons for interaction and even sprayed you with water if you didn’t look out. My boys were captivated by the displays and didn’t want to leave.

Miniland in Legoland Florida park
Miniland is perfect for your toddler who isn't the biggest thrill seeker!

A water show was offered twice a day and I found it very entertaining. The show lasted for maybe 30 minutes and showcased stunts on the water using water skis, boats, and water jets.

The park had 4 small roller coasters, but my toddlers didn't meet the height requirement, not that I think they would have gone on it if they could. As I say my 3 year old is not a risk taker. My husband sampled the rollercoaster, I was pregnant at the time so I did not ride them.  

Overall the park had lots to offer toddlers, however I think a slightly older child would enjoy it more. 

Legoland Water Park

We didn’t explore the water park, unfortunately. The minimum height requirement for most of the rides was taller than my 3 year old who was only 36” tall. 

We hope to come back when my kids are a bit older to experience the water park and other rides the park has to offer.

My Overall Experience at Legoland Florida

Our overall experience was positive at Legoland Florida. We are glad we went and our toddler boys had a blast! My 3 year old keeps asking when we are going back.

The weather was nice and loved having the pool available. The park was not too crowded with lots of rides for toddlers as well as older kids. The hotel was great with lots of different activities to participate in.

How long should you ideally stay at Legoland?

Based on our stay I think three nights would be the ideal length of stay. One day to arrive, get settled and check out all the awesome things the hotel can offer like the pool and lego castle. Then, you will have two days at the park, one day for the water park and one day for legoland. At night you can take advantage of the activities the hotel has to offer.

Our stay of only two nights was cut a bit short. My toddlers really wanted a full day to explore the excitement of the hotel and pool. We didn’t utilize having two full days at the park (included in our package), but feel we would if we had stayed an extra day.

If you plan on staying longer than 3 nights you might want to spend a day exploring some of the nearby attractions, such as Sea World. But feel 3 days for Legoland and the resort is perfect.

What is the ideal age to take your child to Legoland Florida?

I feel the ideal age to fully appreciate Legoland and all it has to offer would be a 6 year old. I think Legoland can be fun for a kid as young as 1.5 all the way up to a 10 year old.  If you have more than one child, as long as they are in that 1.5-10 year age range there will be plenty for them to do at the park and at the hotel.

Is Legoland fun for adults?

Legoland, and especially the hotel, has a lot of built-in entertainment for the kids. When the kids are entertained you as an adult can sit back and relax more. Strategically placing lego play stations and the indoor castle near the bar allows you to relax as you have a drink and unwind. 

The pool was a nice feature that as an adult I enjoyed. We went to legoland in February to escape our long Pennsylvania winter and we were happy the pool was there and heated;. It felt like summer holiday!

The Legoland park had beautiful gardens which made for a nice stroll and ability to see the local plant life. The hotel had a boardwalk which let you enjoy the view over the lake and offered private boat tours.

Legoland Park gardens
My mom and me taking the boys through the garden paths

Also all the lego designs and features captivated my inner child and I found it fun to get involved in some of the lego building myself. I know my husband did.

The park doesn’t offer thrilling rides for adults, and the roller coasters are built with a younger chid in mind, however I enjoyed the lego theme and the excitement it brought my children. 

Legoland Florida Park rollercoaster ride
My husband on one of the roller coasters

The one thing I would have changed is to have upgraded my room to include a balcony. Therefore when my toddlers went to bed I could have sat outside and enjoyed the night breeze.

Do I plan to go back to Legoland Florida?

Yes. I am currently pregnant with my third child. Once my third child is around 3 I think it would be a great time to go back. At that point in time I will have a 3, 5 and 7.5 year old and I think everyone would have a great time.

Legoland Florida also is opening a new park, Peppa Pig and sadly we were a couple weeks too early. I would be interested in the future to explore this new park designed more for toddlers.

 I love that Legoland is easier to manage than Disneyland and the lines were way shorter. 

Where to fly to visit Legoland Florida

My family and I flew into Orlando airport. Orlando airport was an hour away from Legoland. We had to rent a car to get us there as no shuttle service was available.

Tampa Airport is also about an hours drive from the Legoland. Either airport would work if you plan on going to Legoland, but a car rental might be necessary.

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