Nature Craft for toddlers/Preschooler: Outdoor Suncatcher



Apr 09, 2022

A perfect outdoor arts and craft activity for your toddler, preschooler or kindergartener is a nature suncatcher. This is a great craft for any season, easy to do and each time you make a suncatcher unique.

I first love to go on a hike with my toddler. On the hike I let my toddler/preschooler pick out leaves, flowers or anything from nature that he finds interesting. Then, once at home, we can use those items to make a unique nature suncatcher to remember our hike by.

Another great nature craft to do after a hike is to make a Sundial from rocks.

nature sundial crafts for toddlers

Items you will need to make a Nature Suncatcher with a Toddler

How to Build a Nature Suncatcher with a Toddler

1. Collect Leaves and Flowers from Nature

Go on a nature hike to collect items for your suncatcher. You can plan on a nice long hike out with your toddler or even just a walk around your local area/backyard. As long as you can collect a handful of different nature items. 

toddler nature arts and craft
My 3.5 year old collection of flowers and grasses

Nice to collect items that have different colors. For instance different colored flowers and even green grasses.

If you are going for a longer hike you might want to look into hiking carriers for toddlers.

2. Assemble the Suncatcher Frame

Gather four colored popsicle sticks.

If you have non colored popsicle sticks, this works too or you can first paint the popsicle sticks colors. My toddlers love painting so I’m always happy to find another thing to paint.

toddler arts and crafts step 2

Use the 4 popsicle sticks to lay out a frame. Hot glue the corners of the frame together. 

Toddler nature craft frame
My 2 year old enjoyed selecting his colors for his frame

Warning: Hot glue guns are hot, watch your toddlers closely or glue outside their reach for their safety.

3. Measure and cut Press’N Seal

Measure how large a piece of Press’N Seal you will need to cover the frame. Cut the Press’N Seal out. Lay flat the Press’N Seal on the popsicle frame making a square.

4. Decorate your Suncatcher

Use the nature items collected and place them on the Press’N Seal paper inside the popsicle frame. 

arts and crafts for toddler nature suncatcher
My 2 and 3.5 year old decorating their suncatchers

5. Hanging your Suncatcher

Cut a piece of rope or twine to act as your hanger. Hot glue the ends and attach to top corners of popsicle sticks of your suncatcher. 

6. Attach the popsicle frame to the Press’N Seal paper.

Using the hot glue gun add glue to the back of your popsicle frame. Lay flat another piece of Press’N Seal paper enclosing your design and Waila! 

Completed toddler suncatchers

7. Find a nice tree or window to hand your suncatcher!

Look around in your yard and find the perfect spot to hang your suncatcher!

toddler nature art and craft project suncatcher
Completed suncatchers hung from our magnolia bush

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