Woombie Swaddle Review



Dec 02, 2021

Every new parent dreams of getting more sleep. Is there a  product that will help my baby sleep longer? One can spend endless hours on the internet and endless amounts of money buying different products in a search to find the perfect one! 

My woombie swaddle review based on my daughter and son
My 4 month old daughter sleeping in her Woombie Swaddle

Here you will find my review on the Woombie Swaddle, which very well might be that product you’ve been searching for.  I have personally used this swaddle on my second son and daughter. I will let you know why I purchased it and what I found.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

Why Swaddle your Baby?

Swaddling your baby tries to recreate the womb feeling for the baby, cozy, warm and secure.  Babies are born with the moro reflex. This reflex means that in reaction to a noise or a stimulus a sleeping baby will startle which often results in waking the baby. This moro reflex often goes away between 4 and 6 months of age. 

*Swaddling does not 100% work with every baby, but it worked with my first two and I will swaddle my third when he/she arrives.

For more information on swaddling read my article Receiving vs Swaddle Blankets.

My Woombie Review

Woombie review 2 swaddle comparison
Woombie Swaddles come in all different designs!

My second son was longer than my first when he was born: 21.5 inches compared to 19 inches. The swaddle that I used for my first son didn’t work for my second because his arms were longer and he was able to lift his arms up and escape the swaddle which resulted in him waking up frequently.  I needed to find a swaddle that he couldn’t escape so easily ,a swaddle made for longer babies.

The Woombie is the perfect swaddle for longer babies. I loved the ease of the swaddle; instead of having to wrap and velco a baby I just had to zipper the swaddle up. The swaddle allowed small arm movements and for my little one to self soothe with his arms across his heart. My son was not happy with his arms plastered to his side and this swaddle accommodated enough small movement to keep him happy, but not enough for him to startle awake.

newborn daughter in woombie swaddle
My daughter warm and snug in her Woombie Swaddle

I had no fear he could lift his arms up and bring any fabric over his head which I worried about in the previous swaddle I had tried.

The woombie suppressed the moro reflex and my son slept great in the swaddle. The swaddle hugged his body creating that cozy womb like atmosphere and resulted in a more rested momma. The swaddle features a double zip, allowing easy diaper change option for middle of the night changes.

I would highly recommend this swaddle to new parents. You will love how easy and consistent it is to put on.

Pros of Woombie Swaddle

  • Works well with longer babies
  • Two way zipper to help with middle of the night diaper changes
  • Narrow waistline to lightly hug your baby creating womb like experience
  • Arms can self soothe baby; swaddle allows for small arm movement that still reduces moro reflex
  • Ergonomic shape to promote healthy hip development
  • Easy design to put on baby with no wrapping, folding or velcro needed
  • Promotes back sleeping which is proven the safest way for baby to sleep
  • Three design options to accommodate sizing duration of use;  Woombi Original, Woombie Convertible and Woombie Grow with me Baby 
  • Cotton/Spandex material makes for a breathable stretchy material to fit different baby shapes
  • Comes in many different fabric designs

Cons of Woombie Swaddle

  • Not the warmest swaddle, best to dress your baby warm underneath the swaddle
  • If you have a very wiggly baby it could be hard to get baby to stay still long enough to zipper up the swaddle

Woombie Original Review

This original design comes in two sizes, made for 5-13 lb baby and 14-19 lb baby. This original should only be used up to the point your baby starts to roll over. At this stage you need to either have the Woombie Convertible or Woombie Grow with me Baby.

The Original Woombie does not have the option to unzip the arms and is used to swaddle a newborn up till they roll over. 

If you plan to switch to sleep sacks once your baby rolls over the Woombie Original is a great choice.

Woombie Convertible Review

The convertible design allows you to transition the swaddle to a wearable blanket by unzippering the arm holes from the swaddle. This is best for a baby that learns to roll over sooner than 6 months or prefers to have their arms out while sleeping.

The Convertible comes in the same sizes as the Original Woombie, 5-13lb baby and 14-19 lb baby.

Woombie Grow with me Baby Review

Woombie Review Expanded version
The left image shows the Grow with me Baby Swaddle expanded to its largest option

The Grow with me Baby design features a convertible swaddle up to 9 months old and also a wearable blanket up to 18 months old. To convert you unzipping different segments of the Woombie not only allowing for arm holes but also extending the length and width of the Woombie.

The Grow with me Baby Woombie has 5 different stages. There will be the right position for your sized baby.

This is the type I have and loved the flexibility it provided me. As my baby grew and developed I could expand the swaddle to fit my needs.

Hope this Woombie Review helps you decide what is best for your baby! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.