12 Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family



Nov 18, 2021

Pregnancy is a very exciting time. One of my favorite parts of being pregnant is deciding how I am going to announce the news to my family, which I have done three times now! There are so many options, and I love to find ways that fit with my lifestyle and interests. 

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Below you will find my favorite ways to announce pregnancy to family.  You will find a hiking pregnancy announcement, running or one for a coffee lover. Remember, there is no right or wrong way, the important thing is to have fun with it and be you!

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A Baking Pregnancy Announcement

way to announce pregnancy to family in person with cookies

This was my first choice when I was pregnant with my first child. I love to bake and one of my favorite things to bake is cut-out Christmas cookies. Instead of using my Christmas shapes I bought baby themed cookie cutters and was ready to go!   

It is not unusual for me to bake for my family so when I showed up with cookies no one in my family blinked an eye. However, when they looked at the cookies more closely they were both shocked and thrilled! 

The Coffee Lover Pregnancy Announcement

way to announce Pregnancy to family in person via coffee sign

I love coffee! My mornings start with pulling an espresso and adding some water to make it an Americano or, sometimes if I’m feeling lavish, I make a cappuccino. My husband also loves coffee, although he is a bit of a coffee snob.  I blame his European background for that as Europeans tend to view American coffee habits like large endless cups and flavored coffee as  a crime.

Side story, when we rode around Nicaragua as our last big cycling trip before having kids we visited a coffee plantation. The farmer took us through their method of harvesting coffee and allowed us to pick the coffee cherries and follow the process of roasting the coffee. The farmer allowed us to take home 6 coffee beans that we hand-picked to try to grow our own plants. Two of those coffee beans sprouted into coffee plants so we planted them and they are still growing in our house today.   

This is a great way to announce to your family you are pregnant, especially if you are not able to see each other in person and want to send everyone a photo at the same time.  It is also a way to announce your news via social media.   

I used the photo to announce my third pregnancy to my brother and sister-in-law because they live farther away.

The Classic Pregnancy Announcement

way to announce pregnancy to family via pregnancy test

It is difficult to search online for ways to announce your pregnancy and not see a picture of the pregnancy test or the first sonogram. This method has been popular for quite some time. Often the pregnancy test is a way to announce and share the news with your husband, but some use it for other family members as well. 

And who doesn’t love the first sonogram photos? Family members will be scrutinizing the picture trying to determine if they think the baby is a boy or a girl! Although, in that first sonogram the baby looks more alien than human; if you ask me. 

A Way to Announce your Pregnancy for the Minimalist 

way to announce pregnancy to family safety pin display

A display of safety pins for each member of your family and the “momma” safety pin carrying a smaller safety pin inside is a winner for me. This photo doesn’t have much going on, but is genius. I love the simplicity and seeing how long it takes for others to look in detail at the “momma” pin and guess your secret.

The Pregnancy Announcement For Runners

way to announce pregnancy in person to family with a running shirt
My first pregnancy I ran a 10k right at 20 weeks.

I love to run runner. I ran pregnant, although I did run slower and cut back distance. No way was I going to run a marathon during pregnancy. A fun way for me to announce I was pregnant was to wear a “Running for Two” shirt. I wore this at a local 10k race. 

The shirt has an adorable baby footprint over my baby bump and was perfect to showcase my pregnancy. I have used this shirt over and over again for subsequent pregnancies, for posts on social media, and just running around my neighborhood.

Hiking Pregnancy Announcement

way to announce pregnancy to family for the hikers

Hiking is a great activity and one that you can do with your baby/kids. My husband and I got into hiking after having kids. Before kids we cycled more but cycling isn’t compatible with babies. Hiking with a baby is perfect. Its a way for you to see some beautiful places while getting a workout in and helping your baby fall in love with the outdoors. 

I am a sucker for baby shoes, they are just so tiny and cute! Displaying mom and dad’s hiking boots next to a baby’s hiking boot is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy to your family! 

Bonus: Kids get their cues from their parents, if you start hiking with your kid/s as babies and continue as they get older you most likely will have a great hiker and companion. My three year old loves to hike and can walk a couple miles on his own now! My one and half year old is slower but can hike nearly as far, on easy terrain.

A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

way to announce pregnancy to family in person at christmas

Christmas time is a great time to share your exciting news. During my second pregnancy I posted a picture of myself in a “bump’s first Christmas” shirt on our annual Christmas card. This card went out to my extended family and was a hit. I loved wearing the shirt over the holiday season and having the reminder of my newest love during the holidays. 

You might also want to wear this shirt to a holiday get together to announce the pregnancy in person. Everyone loves a bump on display!

A Halloween Pregnancy Announcement 

Way to announce pregnancy to family in person on halloween

Halloween costumes are a popular way to announce your pregnancy. My third pregnancy announcement occurred as Halloween was approaching.  This presented a great opportunity for me to have a little fun and to involve my whole family in a themed announcement. I decided on the more traditional spooky Halloween theme and purchased a skeleton costume which had a baby skeleton displayed over my belly. My husband was a mad scientist, my eldest a vampire and my youngest was Frankinstin’s monster

I also got the kids skeleton pj’s, which works just as well coupled with momma’s skeleton and baby shirt. Either way you can’t go wrong with adding more fun to an already fun season. 

A Pregnancy For The Momma Who Already Has a Baby or Young Toddler

way to announce pregnancy to family eviction notice

If you already have a baby or young toddler, an eviction notice on your first born’s crib is a hilarious way to announce your pregnancy.  The announcement incorporates one of your children in a fun way and allows you to display your new arrival date. Eviction notice on the crib works best if you have a baby or young toddler who will be upgrading to a toddler bed. That crib has a new tenant coming soon!

All you need is your baby, crib and a letter board.

A Way to Announce your Pregnancy With Older Child clothing

big brother pregnancy tshirt announcement
This cutie did a great job announcing momma's pregnancies

Involving your older child/children is a great way to announce your pregnancy. At my son’s first birthday, after he had his time in the spotlight and the family party was winding down, I changed his outfit to a Big Brother T-shirt. I didn’t announce that I changed my son’s shirt . I waited to see how long it would take for someone to notice. It took a lot longer than I anticipated! In the end my husband and I were dropping hints to get my family to read his shirt. It kept us very entertained.

T-shirt announcements worn by the siblings is a good way to include them in the fun! 

A Pregnancy Announcement for Mommas with More than One Kid

way to announce pregnancy to family big brother training class

If you have multiple kids a fun way to share your news is to incorporate the kids in the announcement. Big brother or sister training class is a perfect and humorous way to share your news. I couldn’t wait to take this photo when I got pregnant with my third child; I loved it so much it is on the back of our Christmas cards this year! 

All you need is a chalk board or a message board and your other kids cooperation, which isn’t an easy task. I don’t know about you, but getting my 3 year old and 1.5 year old to pose for a picture is nearly impossible. However, it was worth it for this announcement!

A Way to Announce your Pregnancy to Grandparents’ whose Guest Room is Leaving

way to announce pregnancy to parents in person with sign

I love this! Not that I love removing a guest room in a house, they do come in handy, but the creativity involved in a different way to announce your news.  If the guest room in your house is being converted to a nursery this can be a funny way to announce your news to the grandparents. 

With the excitement of a new member of the family I am sure they won’t even mention the loss of their room.  Also, it can spark their interest in helping you design the new nursery!

If you are removing the guest room in your house there are options for you to continue to have overnight guests.  I have a daybed in my son’s room that pulls out to a queen size bed and that has been used often at our house.  Also, a blow up guest bed that sits on a frame looks and feels more like a traditional bed rather than a blow up. Other options are owning pull out sleeper couches and having the kids sleep on cots in another room.

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing for ways to announce pregnancy to family members!