Winter Maternity Clothes



Jan 31, 2022

Pregnancy is a time of excitement as you prepare for your new baby’s arrival. You are designing a nursery and buying all new things for your baby, but you can’t forget yourself. With your growing belly you will need to make sure you have winter maternity clothes if your baby is due during the winter or spring time. 

Winter maternity clothes
Right near Christmas time with my second son

My second son was born in April so I needed to stock up on winter maternity clothes. I am currently pregnant with my third child and again it will be a spring birthday. I am lucky to be able to reuse my winter pregnancy clothes from my second pregnancy with only a couple additions.

If you are like me you don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes; they are only useful for a very brief period of your life.  However, you do want to be comfortable while pregnant, you don’t want to try to shimmy into pants that are too small.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

Staple Winter Maternity Clothes

Hormones are crazy during pregnancy, one minute you are cold and the next you are boiling. By the time I am in my third trimester I am all over the place temperature wise. My new baby is working like a furnace inside of me and I often feel ready to boil. 

For winter maternity clothes I always start with a maternity tank top. Hear me out, I know it is cold outside, but when you are indoors and those hormones hit you might be thankful you dressed in layers.

Layering is my approach to winter pregnancy. I want to make sure if a heat wave overtakes me I can quickly cool off.

  • Tank Top
  • Long Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Sweatshirt
  • Handful of long sleeve shirts
  • Cardigan

These items should be in all winter maternity wardrobes. You can get away with just the basics if need be, based on your job and desires. 

Winter maternity clothes staple
Winter Maternity Tank Top, Leggings and PinkBlush shawl

Best Maternity Tank Top

There are two approaches to take with a tank top. You can get purely maternity tank tops or you can get a maternity and nursing combo tank top. Obviously with the latter you can use the tank top for a longer time period.

However, I normally don’t like my nursing tank tops to be tight, I prefer a more A style finish to hide my still large belly. When pregnant in winter I want my first layer to hug my body so that there is room for subsequent layers.

Ecavus 3PCS Womens Layering Maternity Tank Top Pregnancy Shirt

These tank tops are the perfect fit for your first layer for winter pregnancy clothes. The price is reasonable, 3 tank tops for the price of around $36. 

Ecavus tank tops have a variety of colors and 3 packs to pick from to match whatever your style may be. 

The maternity tank top is premium super-soft jersey stretch material. It has subtle ruching to accommodate your growing belly. 

The tank top can be used for many different occasions. You can pair it with a nice cardigan for work, below a long sleeve maternity top, as a workout top, or with a shawl. Once you have your baby you can continue to wear it as your belly shrinks back.

Maternity Winter Leggings

Maternity leggings are a must have for any pregnant woman. They are comfortable, stretch to go above the bump and grow with you. I practically live in maternity leggings while pregnant, especially during the winter.  

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential Stretch Full Length Secret Fit Belly Leggings

Motherhood Maternity leggings are priced at only $21 and come in 3 different colors. My staple color for leggings is black, especially when expecting.

The leggings are made of 87% cotton and 13% spandex making them soft and stretchy. There is a belly band that reaches above your growing belly that expands as you do. 

I pair maternity leggings with any type of long shirt or dress for winter warmth. I do not like to wear them if my shirts are not long as the leggings can become see-through and wear down over time. Comfy yes, but definitely put on longer shirts or dresses when going out in public. 

For very cold days I double layer my pants, and leggings work great as my first layer. Like when it snows and I put on my snow pants over the leggings to play outside with my two toddlers.

Maternity Jeans

Another staple for winter maternity clothes is maternity jeans. When out and about for the day I still love putting on a pair of jeans, even when pregnant. During winter it is definitely important to have options that cover up your legs!

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Super Stretch Secret Fit Belly Skinny Denim Jean

Motherhood Maternity also make a great pair of maternity jeans for $35. The jeans use Motherhood’s exclusive fit belly band, which has been patented. The belly panel works to grow with your pregnancy.

The jeans are made from 75% cotton, 22% polyester, 2% Rayon and 1% spandex. They are machine washable and have two back pockets. 

The maternity jeans pair well with many different winter maternity outfit styles. Some ideas are:

winter maternity jeans and shawl

  • Tank top and shawl
  • Maternity Tank top and hoodie
  • Tank top and long sleeve
  • Maternity tank top and button down open shirt

I have also used Gap Maternity Jeans and found them to work great. Gap Maternity Jeans are priced higher than Motherhood Maternity at about $80. 

Finally Old Navy Maternity Jeans are also a good option. They are priced between Motherhood Maternity and Gap Maternity Jeans ranging from $40-$60 depending on which pair you buy. 

Maternity Sweatshirt and breastfeeding Top

A great combo to add to your staple winter maternity clothes is a dual purpose hoodie for both pregnancy and nursing. Nothing is more comfortable than lounging around in leggings and a hoodie at home while pregnant.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Nursing Long Sleeve Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

This item was gifted to me in January of my third pregnancy and I immediately fell in love with it. I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before. The cost is $45 and comes in two different colors, black and a white with black stripes.

The hooded fleece sweatshirt instantaneously puts me in a comfortable mood and makes me want to reach for my cup of tea and a book. It is machine washable and features a kangaroo pocket. It is made long to ensure a full coverage fit.

winter maternity sweatshirt
Motherhood Maternity fleece hoodie is extremely comfortable

The sweatshirt has princess seams with invisible zippers sewn in on both sides for easy access breastfeeding. I will be excited to try that out with baby number 3. I love products that have dual purposes.

If you buy one winter maternity comfort item make it this one!

Maternity Long Sleeve Shirts

Winter pregnancies call for a handful of long sleeve maternity shirts. I wouldn’t go crazy and buy 10, but having at least 3 but closer to 5 is my recommendation. My top pick of maternity shirts are listed below in order from cheapest to most expensive. 

Bearsland Women's Maternity Long Sleeve Tshirt 3 pack Classic Side Ruched mama Pregnancy Clothes

Bearsland makes a very affordable and attractive 3 long sleeve shirt bundle for about $40. You have a selection of different colors and patterns to choose from all at the same price.

The long sleeve shirt features an O neck, ruched design and soft  stretchy breathable fabric. It comes in sizes ranging from small to XX-Large. The design is to hug your pump for a form fitting look.

For winter I recommend putting on a maternity tank top underneath the shirts. And to dress it up you can add a maternity cardigan on top.

PrettyLife Womens Maternity Pleated Tops Modal Flattering Pregnancy 3 Pack

PrettyLife also makes a great offering of a long sleeve maternity shirt 3 pack for $42. This choice however doesn’t come in multiple color and design options, but you can’t go wrong with the color and pattern that is offered (black, wine and gray and white stripes).

The fabric is very soft and breathable, made with 92% modal and 8% spandex. The shirt features  a round neck, elastic waistline and long design. Unlike the Bearsland shirt above, this shirt doesn’t hug your belly but flows off of it and ends up as a short dress length. 

The shirt looks great with leggings and would be office appropriate. For added warmth I would add the cardigan and tank top.

Jezero Womens Maternity Tops Long Sleeve Side Ruching Round Neck Shirts

Another great staple option for long sleeve winter maternity clothes comes from Jezero. The long sleeve shirt costs about $20 and comes in lots of different design and color options.

The solid colors feature a viscose fabric while the patterns are made from cotton. The shirt has a scoop neck and high waistline. It is designed to grow with your bump and flow to your upper thighs.

The shirt is another option for work or casual settings.

Women’s Knit Ribbed Maternity Top with Mock Neck Long Sleeve

A thicker long sleeve/sweater is also a great staple in winter pregnancies. Hello Miz makes a great knit ribbed long sleeve for $25. The shirt comes in options of color and also in short sleeves, if you prefer. I recommend long sleeves for winter. Shirt has a mock neck, also great for cold weather. 

The solid design shirts are made from brushed knit and make for a nice soft feel. The stripe designs are not as soft as the solid. I recommend getting the solid, the mint color is my favorite.

This is a great staple that can also be work appropriate as well as casual when paired with jeans.

Maternity Cardigan

For winter pregnancy a maternity cardigan goes a long way. It is one of those layers that I find essential to have on me when I am out of the house. If I am cold I can always add this layer on top of my outfit. 

Winter Maternity Long sleeve and cardigan outfit
Motherhood Maternity Cardigan with Bearsland Long Sleeve Top

Also if I overheat I can take off my long sleeve shirt or sweater and just wear a cardigan with my maternity tank tops. The cardigan covers my shoulders but leaves the front open to air out my upper body. 

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Open Front Drape Knit Cardigan

Motherhood Maternity makes a great maternity cardigan in black and gray color for under $30. I wear this cardigan 3 or 4 days out of the week during my winter pregnancy.

The cardigan is long, coming to mid thigh in length. The added length makes it a great pairing for maternity legging, especially if your leggings are thinner and you are afraid of see through issues. This cardigan will cover your rear!

The fabric feel is very soft with it being made of 62% polyester, 34% rayon and 4% spandex. Cardigan is machine washable.

This cardigan can be added to lots of different winter maternity outfits such as below:

  • Maternity Jeans, Tank Top and Cardigan
  • Dress and Cardigan
  • Maternity legging, short or long sleeve top and cardigan

Best Affordable Winter Maternity Clothes Brands

Most Affordable Winter Pregnancy Clothes

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is an amazon vendor that is made for the pregnant and nursing mother. Here you will find the best deals and the most options. Many pieces of my winter maternity wardrobe come from Motherhood Maternity, I find the quality reasonable and the price great.

Motherhood Maternity offers pieces that you can wear to work as well as casual wear, dresses, sleep wear and intimates. You can also find tops that double as nursing and maternity. 


Smallshow is also an amazon vendor that designs only maternity and nursing clothes. Unlike Motherhood Maternity, Smallshow does not make pants. They specialize in tops and dresses. 

Smallshow tops often come in value packs. They make simple dresses that would work great for casual or office wear. Their options in maternity are more limited than Motherhood Maternity but the price is similar. 

Reasonably Affordable Winter Maternity Clothes

Target Maternity Clothes

Target has a couple different designers that specialize in maternity. Isabel Maternity, Motherhood Maternity and Jessica Simpson Maternity line. Motherhood Maternity is also offered on amazon and I find it a better value on amazon than at target. 

The long sleeve shirts are a bit more expensive than Motherhood and Smallshow and start for around $17 up to around $25 for one. You can also find long sleeve winter dresses. My advice would be to try them on first, I have hit and miss with Target. Some look great on the rack but just don’t work with my body.

Target also offers maternity pants and are typically priced around $30. They offer many different styles and if you like to try them first it’s a great option. I would say they are not as high on reviews as Motherhood Maternity or options like Old Navy and Gap Maternity.

Old Navy Maternity Clothes

Old Navy has a maternity line where you will find lots of winter maternity clothes. The clothes are priced higher than Motherhood Maternity and Smallshow, but still reasonable. Instead of getting shirts in packs of 3 the items are priced per item.

For winter maternity you will find most long sleeve shirts around $30-40, jeans around $45, leggings $20 and up and some winter dresses for around $35.

One thing to note is Old Navy has lots of sales so these prices can drop if you get them at the right time.  

Winter Maternity Clothes for Corporate

Besides the already staple winter maternity clothes I recommended at the beginning of this article I would add a couple pieces if you work in a corporate office. I suggest adding to your wardrobe

  • Black work maternity trousers
  • Winter maternity work dress 
  • Winter Sweater

Black work maternity trousers

The best thing about maternity trousers are that they feel like you are wearing sweatpants but they look professional! It makes me think I am a magician and fooling everyone. I get to be comfy all day and yet look appropriate. I wish I could get away with these pants while I wasn’t pregnant.

Foucome Womens Maternity Bootcut Stretch Career Dress Pants Work Office Over-Bump Trousers

Foucome makes a very attractive maternity trouser for about $30. You have a choice of three colors, but I always find black to be the most flattering while expecting. 

These trousers are made of nylon, polyester and spandex and resist wrinkles. The waist is low with a highride elastic panel to go over your bump and grow with you. 

Choose your pre pregnancy size and be awed at how comfortable they are and that you can wear them into the office.

I pair them with some of my nicer long sleeve maternity shirts or a tank top and cardigan or shawl.

Winter Maternity Dress

Even if you were not a dress wearer before being pregnant you might be while expecting. I normally am not a big fan of dresses in the office, but when pregnant I find them extremely comfortable. Not having pants that stretch over my bump and having one material that flows down me is ideal. I don’t have to worry about pulling my pants up if they slip off my bump or it being too tight when in a sitting position. 

Maternity Dresses Soft V Neck Pregnant Dress Long Sleeve Breastfeeding Nursing

Zexxxy makes a warm long sleeve sweater dress for around $30. The dress comes in a handful of different color options and is a wrap closure under the breasts.

This dress will also double as a nursing dress once your baby arrives. I love clothing I can use for longer than my pregnancy. The material is very soft to the touch and you will feel you wrap a nice blanket around yourself for the day. Pair it with boots and you will be office ready!

Winter Maternity Sweater

A nice sweater you can pair with work pants is a great winter maternity outfit, and one of my favorites. You can also wear the maternity sweater with leggings or jeans for a more casual look.

Crew Neck Texture Pullover Maternity Sweater- Isabel Maternity at Target

My current favorite winter maternity sweater comes from Isabel Maternity Line at Target. It comes in two different colors, a pink or blue shade sweater. The sweater is very reasonable and costs $28.

Target winter maternity sweater
Maternity Sweater goes well with both jeans or work trousers

I love this look with jeans or with work pants. It is super comfortable to wear and features a classic crew neckline and textured knit for extra warmth. You will not want to take this one off!

Winter Maternity Clothes For Photoshoot

JustVH Maternity Elegant Fitted Maternity Gown Long Sleeve Cross Front V Neck Slim Fit Maxi

If you are looking for a winter maternity gown for a photoshoot look no further than the JustVH offering. This gorgeous dress comes in several colors, my favorite being burgundy for winter. A nice winter red and you cannot go wrong, although I also love many of the colors. It costs around $40 on amazon, however watch for sales throughout the year.

winter maternity gown for photoshoot
JustVH Maternity Gown in Burgundy

JustVH Maternity Gown in Burgundy

The dress is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester having a stretchy and comfortable feeling. The dress is floor length with a small train. It features an off the shoulder cut, sweetheart neckline and high waistline. 

There is no lining in this dress, so you might want to add some slips below the dress, especially if your photos will be outside. 

Winter **Active Wear Maternity Clothes

I recommend purchasing a couple winter maternity workout essentials if you plan on working out while pregnant. The two most important items are a couple maternity active tank tops and pants/legging, 

If you are working outside you can add a layer to your top, such as a pregnancy sweatshirt.

Maternity Active Tank Top

Fitglam Women’s Maternity Workout Tank Tops Pack Racerback Shirts

Fitglam makes a 3 pack of maternity working out tank tops for $40. The tank top is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex giving the tank top lightweight, soft, moisture wicking and stretchy qualities. You do not want a cotton tank top for working out while pregnant!

The tank top features a scoop neck, side ruching to grow with your belly and extra length to ensure your belly is hidden.

The tanks come in a variety of colors and sizes. Just be sure to read the size chart before purchasing. 

Staying active during pregnancy normally requires a couple new items to the wardrobe. Doesn’t matter if you are working out in the gym or outside your first layer should be a maternity active tank top

Maternity Long workout pants

Poshdivah Women’s Maternity Leggings Over the Belly Yoga Pants Active Wear

Staying active during a winter pregnancy requires determination and a slight change to the wardrobe. Poshdivah offers a great working out legging for $23. The pants are offered in a handful of colors as well as single or double packs.

The pants are made from 75% nylon, 25% spandex and are not see-through. They come with a U shaped high waist design to grow with your pump. They are also made with 4-way stretch material and are sweat wicking.

Pair this with a workout tank and you are ready to continue your work out!

If you are working out in a gym and prefer shorts, Poshdivah also offers maternity yoga shorts that go over your belly. 

Additional Maternity Company: PinkBlush

I mainly kept to the most affordable and fashionable winter maternity lines that I have used. One more company I wanted to briefly mention is below:


Pinkblush is a maternity specific online store. It mainly focuses on maternity dresses, but also has some tops,bottoms, swim and nursing options. The company is priced higher than all the other companies I have recommended. 

If you are looking for a statement piece or have more in your budget for winter maternity clothes it could be a great spot for you to shop. I have bought a couple statement pieces for previous pregnancies and loved the outcome. I try to save where I can and find PinkBlush a bit pricey for maternity clothes I will only wear for a small amount of time.

Again great for a couple pieces but not where I am buying my staple winter maternity clothes.

Common Questions:

What month of pregnancy do you need maternity clothes for?

Pregnancy is typically 9 months long. Everyone starts showing signs at different stages of pregnancy. It is fair to say that you will need maternity clothes for the second half of your pregnancy. 

Personally, I got bigger sooner with each pregnancy. My first pregnancy I didn’t have to change my pants out till after I was into my second trimester. With my second pregnancy I switched pants out at 9 weeks which was a similar time frame to my third. My normal shirts lasted a bit longer into pregnancy than pants. 

Hope you found this helpful!

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