Adventure Awaits: The Best Outdoor Gifts for Mom



Jul 06, 2023

Moms are normally the ones in charge of getting the family and everyone else gifts. But what do you get mom for a gift? A mom deserves to get nice gifts whether it be for mother’s day, birthday, Christmas or just because. And as an outdoor mom I am focused on the best outdoor gifts for mom.

hiking with my baby as an outdoor mom

Now what is an outdoor mom? An outdoor mom is a mom who loves to spend time outdoors and gets recharged by nature. Maybe this mom loves to cycle, garden, beach, hike, camp, or just enjoy her backyard. There are many perfect outdoorsy gifts for her or maybe a travel gift.

Whether mom's an avid hiker seeking durable and comfortable footwear and gear, a nature enthusiast yearning for the perfect binoculars to spot wildlife, or a green-thumb gardener longing for innovative tools, our recommendations will align with her specific interests and needs.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

What Can I get for Mother’s Day instead of Flowers?

Who ever said mother’s day gifts had to be flowers? Sure, flowers are pretty and all, but they die within a couple of days or a week at best. For an outdoorsy mom there are plenty of more useful gifts to get her especially outdoor gifts for mom.

hammock overlook a lake as a gift
What mom wouldn't love this set-up?

Read through this gift guide and you will find lots of ideas to give mom this mother’s day. My personal favorites for an outdoorsy mom are the National Park Pass and a hammock. 

What To Gift Mom On A Low Budget?

The cost of the gift is not important. The most important part of a gift is the thought and intent. If you are tight on cash a home-made gift will be cherished forever, especially if you helped a child make it for their mom.

best mothers day gift experience a hike
Mother's day hike with my kids and mom

An idea of low cost gifts include homemade coupons. Coupons to spend time together going on hikes, leaving mom alone to go on a solo adventure (such as a bike ride) or helping weed the garden and plant new flowers.

A personal favorite of mine to receive on mother’s day is a prepared picnic outside with my kids, or to be taken on a hike. Read on to find more outdoor gifts for mom.

What To Get An Outdoor Woman For Christmas?

As a mom, it is always nice to receive a gift on Christmas. Normally, us moms are so busy making sure all the kids and other family members are taken care of that we don't spend much time or energy on ourselves. 

For an outdoor women, a gift that represents our passion and nature is the best gift. Read below for ideas based on what type of mom she is. 

Backyard Gifts For Mom

An outdoor mom will spend an enormous amount of time with her kids in the backyard. My philosophy is the more time we spend outside the better; which also means the house stays cleaner.

picture of my backyard

Backyard gifts for mom are those gifts that make our backyards more enjoyable and fun. Gifts that help a mom relax and enjoy her surroundings. A perfect spot to build family memories and have your first cup of coffee!

Fire Pit

Nothing like sitting outside around a fire to relax. If you don't have a fire pit yet for backyard this is a great backyard gift for mom. Just don't forget the bottle of wine and S'mores to go with it!


A hammock is a great spot to relax in the backyard as a mom. Bring a book and a cup of coffee and I am set for the hour, just hope my kids are okay with solo play for a while!

This camping hammock doesn't only work in the backyard, but also great for hiking and camping. It features a small carrying case, lightweight, and comes with tree straps!

Or check out this attractive hand woven rope hammock. This works great for a more permanent feature in the backyard for mom.

Hammock Chair

Instead of a hammock, a hammock chair is also very enjoyable. Depending on your outdoor space a chair with an outdoor side table is a great set up. Bonus if it swings!

Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn't love to listen to music. Music holds power, the right song or tune can instantly change a mood for the better. It can transport us to another time or memory.

A portable bluetooth speaker is great to bring in the backyard. It comes in handy at small get togethers, kids impromptu outdoor dance parties, relaxing with the hubby and on trips.

Bird Feeder

Most outdoorsy moms have a positive relationship with nature. A bird feeder in the backyard is a great way to gather the local birds.   An additional bonus is the entertainment the kids will get watching the birds in the backyard. 

Bow and Arrow

Bringing out the Katniss Everdeen with a fun bow and arrow set is a novel idea. It is never too late to let mom have some fun. I got this as a gift a couple years back and enjoy shooting some arrows in my down time.

Receiving a gift that mom has never thought of is a real treat. Let mom be a kid and watch as her daily worries fade away.

Outdoor Projector and Screen

Sometimes at the end of a long day, (maybe the kids weren’t at their best), a mom just wants to veg and watch a movie. But who says you have to watch a movie indoors. With an outdoor projector you can relax outside with a favorite film. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make her popcorn! And bonus if you also have mom's favorite candy bar, mine is Reeses.


Yard games for her are always welcomed. Cornhole comes in many designs and is pretty simple to make your own if you're handy. You can challenge your mom to a game, have it at the next family get together or bring it along to an event.

Great for the competitive mom!

Outdoor Picnic Basket:

Outdoor gifts for mom that are fun include a picnic basket. The best way to gift this to a mom is fill it with her favorite food and bottle of wine and join her for a picnic in the backyard. Set up a blanket and make it as special as you can! 

Patio Gifts For Mom

Not every mom has a large yard so maybe the outdoor space is confined to a patio, no problem. There are plenty of patio gifts for mom that she will love and appreciate. Or you just like having a nice patio even with the big backyard! Either way patio gifts is a great outdoor gift for mom.

patio gifts for mom lots of plants

Patio Plants

Greenery improves the ambience of a space. Determine if your patio is in sun, shade or partial sun and research the right type of plants. Also consider the frost resistance of a plant to consider if you need to bring it inside for the winter.

You can also consider a patio tree, maybe even a fruit tree! Other plants that are great for patios are hanging baskets. Best to check out your local nurseries!


Investing in a couple nice outdoor patio planters are perfect patio gifts for mom. Just make sure mom likes gardening or that you are willing to care for the plants. 

A stackable planter is great for patio gift for moms, especially for the mom wanting to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables close to the house!

Pro Tip: Young kids love to help water the flowers!

Outdoor Rug

A patio can be dressed up with an attractive outdoor rug. It can help protect your patio flooring/deck from stains and feels nice on the feet. 

Patio Lights

Outdoor lighting done well can turn an “ehh” patio into a favorite night time hangout. Solar lights are a great choice that are eco-friendly, easy to install and enhance the mood. 

Pro Tip: Surprise her with the lights already installed!

Patio Cafe Table and Chairs

fenced in garden for mom cafe table and chairs
My patio table in chair in my garden

Having a cafe style table is a must have for a mom. A spot to sit outside and drink her coffee while her little ones play is ideal. I personally move my cafe table and chair all over the backyard depending where my kids are playing. 

I like to move our patio cafe table and chairs all over our backyard. Whether its extra seating at our patio, near the swing set to watch the kids play or in the garden patio to enjoy a break.

Gifts For A Hiking or Camping Mom

Whether mom's a seasoned backpacker or a weekend warrior, our handpicked recommendations will not only surprise and delight her but also enhance her outdoor pursuits. You might even get inspired for yourself.

Maybe mom hikes with a baby, toddler, or older kids. Or loves to camp with a baby or toddler. Check out the resources for tips and additional gear that might work as a perfect outdoor gift for mom.

me, mom, on back country hiking and camping trip

Momma and Toddler Hiking Journal:

This unique gift is made by me and inspired by my toddlers. We want a place that was ours to record and dream up new hiking adventures together.

When you give this gift to a mom you are giving her and her toddler a space to dream and document their awesome hikes. They can later recap on the cool times they had and hopefully inspire more hikes together.

This is a truly special gift that no one else will think of!

Water Filtration System:

Always having a way to clean water when out helps ease the mind. No matter if you are hiking for the day or overnight camping, having the ability to clean water means you can carry less water (read weight) in your backpack.  

This gift comes in handy when traveling internationally. You never know where you can count on clean water so having the means to clean it yourself is huge.

Hiking Poles:

Maybe mom doesn’t own a pair of decent hiking poles or her old ones aren’t in the best condition. This is a great gift for the mom who is hiking mountain regions.

Garmin Inreach mini2:

If mom likes to wander into the backcountry, a satellite communicator is a must. This compact, lightweight device allows for two way communication, sharing your location with others and can navigate you back to the start with TracBac.

You will have no worry when mom is off adventuring. Peace of mind for you!

New Hiking Boots or Hiking Sandals

hiking with a baby in colorado in hiking boots
Hiking in my Columbia hiking boots in Rocky National Park

For the outdoorsy mom a new pair of hiking boots or sandals is perfect. A good pair of hiking boots can last years, my Columbia Newtown Ridge Hiking Boot is going on 5 years! 

A hiking sandal made to get wet allows mom to splash in the puddles with the kids or wade through a small stream during the wet season.  Keen Clearwater CNX sandals are perfect and I end up wearing mine all summer long. You can’t go wrong for comfort or practicality there.

Hiking Socks

I am not sure what it is about socks, but a new pair of socks always puts a smile on my face. A new pair of hiking socks is always appreciated by outdoor moms. 

I am always happy to find a pair of hiking socks in my stocking on Christmas morning. Just make sure they are NOT cotton. A hiking sock ideally wants to be made from merino wool.

Paddle Board:

paddle board gift for mom
Paddle Boarding in a river in upstate NY with my 2 year old
If mom loves to be on the water having her own paddle board will be a dream come true. She can even take her kids for a ride! I love my paddle board whether we are on a camping trip or taking to the close lake.

Blister Cream:

These boots are made for walking, and lots of walking unfortunately means an increased chance of blisters.   A practical gift such as blister cream to go along  with a new pair of hiking boots or sandals will make mom feel you really thought hard about this outdoor gift!

Also a great stocking stuffer gift for outdoorsy moms.

Wilderness Wipes:

Moms and dads are different when it comes to relieving ourselves in nature. An outdoorsy mom will appreciate having wilderness wipes when adventuring off the beaten path.

Please get biodegradable wipes!


A headlamp is a perfect camping gift for mom. No reason to trip getting out of the tent or branches late at night. You never know when you will have to find the way to the restroom or find something left in the car. A headlamp is a great Mother’s Day camping gift.


aeropress gift for mom
My Aeropress set up on a hike

This is dear to my heart. I absolutely love a good cup of coffee. I don’t think that has to stop just because I love being out in nature. The solution for this outdoorsy mom is an Aeropress. Bring along preground coffee, a small portable stove and lightweight coffee cups and Voila! Great coffee for adventures.

I love to use mine on day hikes, camping or when staying at Airbnbs (a drip coffee maker is not the same)!

Water Bottle:

Check to see if mom could benefit from a new water bottle or an additional one. When you are out hiking and camping water is important. Hydration is key! 

Cooking Pots and Pans:

Camping gifts for mom must include a set of camping cookware. Sets stack into one compatible form and include all the necessary cookware for a camping mom; pan, plate, bowl, cup and silverware. 

Merino Wool Base Layer:

Merino wool is the perfect base layer for hiking and camping moms. The material is moisture wicking, odor resistant, lightweight and a good insulator. On a cold day this is what mom is going to want to wear as her first layer.

Outdoor Blanket:

An outdoor mom will find many uses for a great outdoor blanket. Whether she is alone or with the family you can’t go wrong with an outdoor blanket. I like to use mine in the backyard, camping, or as a place to stop and rest on a hike with kids. 

Bearz is a great outdoor blanket, not only is it waterproof but also compacts down for easy travel and super lightweight. Mom will have no problem taking this outdoor blanket when she is out hiking, camping or at the park.

Gardening Gifts for Mom:

If your mom has a green thumb and finds solace in her garden, then you're in the right place! We understand the joy and fulfillment that comes from nurturing plants and watching them flourish. That's why we've compiled a handpicked selection of thoughtful and practical gifts that will make her gardening experience even more delightful.

picture of mom garden
My garden behind our wildflower garden

Get ready to inspire mom's next garden adventures.

Gardening Hat:

A mom that loves to be out in the garden definitely deserves a good gardening hat! Not only does it help mom look the part, but protects her face from the sun!

Gardening Tools:

Every gardener knows that good tools can make a difference. When my husband bought me a decent secateur it amazed me how much easier pruning became; quality really matters. I find the best gardening gifts for mom to be a new secateur and trowel.

Plants or Fruit Tree:

A gardening mom loves new plants and my favorite is a new fruit tree. It is very rewarding to plant a fruit tree and watch as over the years it grows bigger and bigger and starts producing for you!

Great gifts that were given to me have been a peach tree and an apple tree for the yard.

Don’t have room for a fruit tree, no problem. Other great options are vegetables, fruit bushes like blueberries or flowers!  

Wood Chime:

A great addition to any home garden is a wood chime.The sound is heavenly and calming. Some even believe it can remove negative energy! They are said to bring prosperity and good luck. Even if you aren’t spiritual it doesn’t hurt to try.

Packet of seeds:

Thinking of a budget friendly gift for mom? Well a packet of her favorite seeds is thoughtful and won’t break the bank. Maybe you can even plant the seeds with her for a mutual activity.

Gardening Basket:

One of the best times for a gardener is to collect the harvest. Nothing beats home grown food. Great outdoor gifts for mom should include an attractive wood gardening basket! 

To be very thoughtful you can make her one! If woodman-ship isn’t your thing, no worries, many can be found!

Outdoor Gifts for the Cycling Mom

Calling all cycling enthusiasts! If your mom loves hitting the open road on two wheels, this section is tailor-made for her. We've curated a collection of outdoor gifts that will elevate your cycling mom's experience and keep her pedaling in style.

Also maybe mom wants to explore Cycling with a Toddler.

mom cycling in california

Let's dive in and discover the ultimate outdoor gifts for the cycling mom in your life.

Bike Lights:

Moms can’t always disappear during the daytime. As a cycling mom she might find riding early in the morning before sunrise or as the sun is setting at night. Therefore a great outdoor gift for mom is bike lights. Safety first!


my bike with garmin and go pro set up
My Garmin and Go Pro Set up on my bike

Garmin makes great cycling navigation computers for the bike. This allows mom to preload routes for use during the ride. The Garmin also keeps all her riding stats and saves them for her to review whenever she likes. Most cyclists already own one, but if she is new to cycling or needs a replacement this could be a great gift.

My Garmin comes in handy for finding new local rides and while out cycle touring new areas and countries!

Pannier Backpack:

An outdoor gift for mom who is adventurous and loves to cycle is a pannier backpack. This will enable her to cycle tour and make carrying the luggage practical and easy. 

The pannier can easily attach to a rack on the back or front of the bike, depending on how her bike is set up. After locking the bike the pannier turns into a backpack which can easily be worn to a hotel or to a campsite. 

We converted our pannier bags to backpacks before our cycle tour of Asia. Those pannier backpacks made traveling that much easier.


A multi tool should be carried by all cyclists. You never know when you will need to fix the bike while out on a ride.

Foam Roller:

A cycling mom will have sore legs after a day on the bike. A foam roller helps her relieve the pressure in her legs. Yes it is painful, but very rewarding! 

After cycling 100 km I look forward to getting home and having a good foam roll.


A GoPro is a fun outdoor gift for the cycling mom. She can attach it to her bike or helmet and record the scenery from her rides. I love to use mine when cycle touring so I can  record the new sights all around me. 

Conclusion of Outdoor Gifts for Mom

Whether she's an avid hiker, a camping enthusiast, a gardening guru, or a cycling queen, there are numerous gift options to cater to her unique passions and interests. From practical gear and innovative gadgets to stylish accessories and personalized touches, the perfect outdoor gift awaits to surprise and delight your mom.

conclusion of gifts for an outdoor mom
Cheers! Thanks for visiting!

By selecting a thoughtful present that aligns with her outdoor pursuits, you not only show your love and appreciation but also fuel her adventurous spirit and encourage her to explore the great outdoors even more.