Roaming with Love: The Ultimate Travel Gifts for Mom



Jul 07, 2023

Wanderlust, to hike or roam about. If a mom loves to travel and gets immersed in different cultures she will appreciate a travel gift whether it be for Mother’s day, Christmas, her birthday or just because. 

me, mom traveling in Sicily
Enjoying the view in Taormina, Italy

I know this because I am one of those moms. Before kids I moved to London and spent the next 3 years exploring Europe for work. I then quit my job and cycled China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand before returning to the U.S. 

Now that I have 3 munchkins my adventures might be contained to this side of the world, but my traveling and exploring haven’t ended.

I’m going to take you through the best travel gifts for mom, the ones I appreciate the most. The moms I am targeting in this article are the active travel moms, the ones who enjoy hiking, outdoor adventure and being immersed in new culture.

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

What Is A Travel Gift?

A travel gift is one that you can enjoy while traveling or a gift that reminds you of traveling like a favorite trip you took. The best travel gift for moms is one that holds value for her and how she likes to travel.

picture of best travel gift for mom with toddler
Hiking backpack helps me travel with toddlers

My favorite travel gifts are ones that keep me organized, gear to keep me adventuring, and are mementos from my favorite places. For instance, I got engaged in Taormina Italy and I have a scenery tile made of the landscape from Taormina.

What To Get Mom For Traveling?

There are plenty of gifts you can get mom for travel. First you will want to identify how your mom travels; is it by boat, plane, car, bike or her own two feet (hiking). 

Are you thinking of travel gifts for mom when she is alone or with her kids? I mostly exclusively travel with my kids now and love anything that helps me keep our clothes organized. My most recent favorite is a carrier bag that comes in four main compartments and each compartment further divides for optimum separation. 

If you want to get mom a gift for traveling alone you may think along the lines of relaxation or ways to expand her adventures, an example is a hiking backpack with a hydration system.

Best Travel Gifts for Any Mom

Travel Journal:

Memory is a funny thing, unless you commit a memory you might forget it ever happened. Some trips are amazing and you want to make sure mom can jot down all the details in one place. Therefore she will have it forever.

A travel journal is a great keepsake for a traveling mom. She can write details from favorite hikes, restaurants or people she met. Maybe one day she will go back to relive some of those memories.

Travel Books:

A traveler has to get their inspiration from somewhere and for me I love books! A travel book is a perfect coffee table book that you can pursue at leisure. A good travel book has lots of details, inviting pictures and ideas of what to do.

For me a travel book on epic cycle tours or hikes is perfect. 

Weekend Bag:

A mom who loves to travel will always find a quick weekend trip to take, even if it is close by. A weekend bag is a perfect size for those quick last minute trips.

Mini Bottles and Toiletry Bag:

Everyone knows when traveling on an airplane you can only take liquids in small quantities, otherwise you have to check a bag. You don’t always want to risk the chance of your luggage getting lost or be forced to pay extra money for a checked bag. 

Not only with flying but also for short trips a mom will be happy to pack what is needed, not large bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Mini bottles go a long way in making trips more convenient. 

Art from favorite location:

If you know mom’s favorite place she will then love some personal gift that is from there or reminds her of that place. 

For example if mom loves visiting national parks then you can give her a map of all the US National Parks. If mom loves the Pyrenees Mountains and you had a great time there, then buy a painting depicting it. 

Or if you are budget conscious you can print some of mom’s favorite travel photos and have them framed.

Comfy Travel Clothes:

No one wants to travel in jeans. A mom wants to be comfortable for a day of travel. For me that means either legging or cargo type pants. For other moms it could mean a loose jumpsuit or sweatpants.

You know mom best and her style. But a new pair of travel clothes is always welcomed for a seasoned traveler.

Travel Shawl:

A shawl is a great travel item for a mom. It is stylish and serves many functions. You can use it as a blanket when cold, scarf, nursing cover or just part of your outfit. 

Travel shawls are often lightweight, breathable and soft. You can’t go wrong with this travel gift for mom.

Cross body bag:

A cross body bag is a great purse for traveling. Purses are great, but the ability to be handsfree and not hoist your purse higher on your shoulder wins when traveling.

A cross body purse can be worn under a shawl so mom is less likely to be pick pocketed. Also, if traveling with kids the whole not having to think about the purse is great considering your hands are tied up with kids or babies.

Mini Portable Speaker:

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favorite music? A small portable speaker is a great travel gift for mom. She can use it wherever she is; if she needs to get pumped up for an adventure, wind down after a long day or just be happy to jam out.

If traveling with kids it is great to play your toddlers favorite song. It could quickly change the atmosphere from about to tantrum to happy!

Travel Globe:

If mom has an office or library a globe is a thoughtful gift. Not only a globe but one where you can pin the places you have traveled. You can pin in different colors depending on what type of trip it was; maybe a family trip versus a girl trip or hubby and wife one!

Also who doesn’t love spinning a globe, closing their eyes and letting their finger show where they will go next.

Makeup Bag: 

A travel makeup bag is another great travel gift for mom. Even as a female who doesn’t like to wear much makeup, I do pack some key makeup items when traveling.

A new attractive makeup bag to keep all my cosmetics separated is a great travel gift for mom.

Going Places Necklace :

Moms love being given jewelry. So why not give her a necklace that is travel inspired? 

Couple this great travel gift for mom with a preplanned weekend getaway!

Best Travel Gifts for Mom Traveling With Kids

We have curated a collection of the best travel gifts specifically tailored for moms adventuring with their little ones. From practical and innovative items that make traveling more convenient to thoughtful and sentimental treasures, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to your mom's face and enhance her travel experiences with the kids.

Some tips on traveling with kids can be found:

Organized Duffel Bag:

Moms often are packing for the whole family, I know I do. I adore the ToBIQ travel duffel bag. It comes with four separate compartments that are then subdivided. I can pack all 3 of my kids in one bag for up to 4 nights and still be organized! 

Or I can use the bag to organize myself and my hubby. I can’t speak more highly of owning an organized duffel for family travel. Not having to scrummage through unorganized bags to find what I need is pivotal. 

Packing Cubes:

Or maybe you have one large case and need a better organized system for the bag. Packing cubes also work wonders for the traveling families. You can separate each member to their own cube, or sort each day individually.

FujiFilm Instant Mini:

As a mom you always want to capture the moments, especially when traveling. A fun way to do that is from an instant print camera. It is great taking a million pictures on your phone, but how often do you have them printed?

This fun travel gift for mom means immediate pictures she can post on the fridge or the nightstand to remember a great trip!


For the mom who is adventuring with kids a GoPro is a great travel gift. She can record memories, and later make a video of the trip.

I personally got this gift from my ex coworkers when I left work to travel Southeast Asia. It was the perfect gift. I was then able to capture so much of my adventure and later turn it into a great movie to bring me back to that trip whenever I want to remember it.   

A photograph is a snapshot in time but a movie really brings the memory back.

Our Adventure Book:

A cute idea for kids giving a travel gift to mom is an “our adventure book”.  A journal or scrapbook where mom and kids can record their adventures together.

If you have ever seen “Up” you will know what I mean. Not only is it for mom, but a fun place for kids to relive their adventures as a family. 

Best Travel Gifts For Mom Who Travels With Babies/Toddlers

picture of me with a baby and toddler while traveling

Prepare to discover the ultimate gifts that will make her journeys even more memorable and show your appreciation for her adventurous spirit and dedication to creating lifelong memories with her little adventurers.


A mom with young kids might be fueled by coffee, I am! Although I do get enough sleep, I still love my caffeine fix no matter where I am.

A mom who travels on outdoorsy vacations will appreciate a way to brew her own coffee. An Aeropress is a great tool, lightweight, simple and produces good coffee… as long as you supply it with decent beans.

Mommy and Baby Bags:

Let’s face it, moms love cute things. And what is cuter than matching baby and mommy small bags? Mom can organize her main things for the diaper bag with baby’s main things.

Baby Carrier:

my daughter in the lillebaby carrier : great travel gift for mom

Moms traveling with young kids appreciate ways to make their lives easier, baby carriers do that. Whether a soft structured carrier for a younger baby or toddler in the city streets or a hiking backpack for trekking up a trail. 

Travel Diaper Bag:

The best travel diaper bags, in my opinion, are backpack style. These bags are easier to carry and can easily double for mom’s purse and useful item bag. My travel diaper bag is never solely for the baby, it's for the baby, my other kids, my husband and me!

Best Travel Gifts for Outdoorsy Mom:

National Parks Pass:

This gift is perfect for the mom that will have some time to vacation or lives near some national parks. Or maybe just inspire mom to take more trips that year, either way you can’t lose with this gift.

Preplanned Outdoor Adventure:

This is my absolute favorite type of travel gift. Moms tend to be the family planner. We dream, organize and plan family vacations and, although we love it, it is nice for someone else to take control of a trip.

Not only is someone else taking the reins, but also surprising mom! 

Some great ideas I would love to be gifted

  • Hiking trip at a national park
  • Weekend backpacking trip
  • Weekend ski trip 
  • 3 Day Cycle Touring Trip with Hotels
  • Entry into a race

Even better is to add a massage after a day outdoors! Perfect way to unwind!

New Adventure Equipment:

Whether it be a new pair of hiking shoes, lightweight backpacking tent, skis, or hydration system you know what your mom needs. Look to see if her current equipment is wearing out or pay attention if she mentions wanting a new piece of equipment. 

I know when I am desiring a new equipment I romance it. I research different brands to find which one I want to invest in. I am talking about it and asking others' opinions. 

Travel Coffee Mug:

Let’s be honest, coffee is gold for a mom. A new travel coffee mug goes distances. 

You want to pick the right travel coffee mug for the type of travel. I have light titanium coffee mugs that are great for camping but also light to carry hiking or in a pannier for cycling adventures.

best travel gifts for mom travel lightweight coffee cups
Coffee always makes the view better

If mom is going to be out in nature a lightweight compact travel mug will get the most use! Don’t forget to ponder if she has a way to make coffee on the go, such as an Aeropress and small camping stove!

New Protein Bars:

Okay don’t knock this one. If a mom loves being outdoors on adventures then she is like me! Ensuring I get enough protein can be hard while  on the move, a gift of delicious protein bars or trail mix tells me that person gets me!

Fitness Watch:

This one might be hard as most moms already have a fitness watch, but maybe yours doesn’t yet! Or maybe she needs an updated or more stylish fitness watch.

A fitness watch is more than counting steps. It works to record workouts, GPS tracking and even monitor sleep quality/quantity.

Gym Bag/ Weekend Bag:

An outdoorsy mom probably is also a mom that works out. Having a new gym bag that can double as a weekend bag is gold! I love when I have a bag that serves multiple purposes. 

Outdoor Collapsable Hat: 

Adventuring moms are often outside in the sun. A great way to protect their head and face is by wearing a hat. A collapsible travel hat is a perfect travel gift for mom. Because let's be honest, you have to worry about most normal hats if you're squishing them in your luggage, but not this hat!

Conclusion of Ultimate Travel Gifts for Mom

In conclusion, finding the perfect travel gift for mom doesn't have to be a daunting task. With our curated list of ultimate travel gifts, you can surprise and delight your adventurous mom with thoughtful and practical presents that cater to her wanderlust.

picture of me traveling in venice italy
A weekend in Venice

Whether she's a globetrotter exploring far-off destinations or a road trip enthusiast discovering hidden gems closer to home, these travel gifts are sure to make her feel appreciated and cherished. So go ahead and choose the ideal gift that aligns with her travel style and personality, and watch as her face lights up with joy and excitement.