Best Toddler Rain Gear: Toddler Rain Pants, Rain Coats and Rain Boots



Jan 05, 2022

Wet weather shouldn’t stop you and your toddlers from exploring outside! Toddlers love splashing in puddles and getting dirty and all they need is the right gear to stay dry.  This post takes you through the best toddler rain gear!

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best rain gear for toddler for puddle splashing
My 3 year old loves to ride his scooter in his toddler rain gear

As a parent if you are buying your toddler rain gear you want to make sure that your little one will stay dry under their rain gear and that the rain gear will last as long as your child is that size. 

If the weather is warm you might want to check out toddler water shoes as an option for your toddler's footwear.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Rest assured all products I suggest are products I have bought or would buy based on personal experience or through my network of other mommas.

Summary of Best Toddler Rain Gear:

Overall Best Toddler Rain Pants Best Toddler Hiking Pants
Rip Proof Polyester TPU Waterproof Membrane Elastic Waist and Drawstring Adjustable Elastic Ankle Reinforced Liner
Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Pants
Welded Seam 100% Poylester Adjustable for Growing Toddler Detachable Foot Stirrups Reflective Tape
Overall Best Toddler Rain Coat
Zipper Closure With Flap and Button Close Detachable Hood Welded Seams 100% Poylester
Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Coat Best Lightweight Windbreaker
Elastic Cuffs and Hem Extended Hood Peak Packs Down Small Reflective Qualities
Overall Best Toddler Rain Suit Best Toddler Trail Suit
Brimmed Hood Waterproof Zipper Neoprene Ankle Cuffs Waist Drawstring
Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Suit Best Warm Toddler Rain Suit - Snow Suit
Fun Designs Fleece Lined for Warmth Brim on Adjustable Hood Adjustable Waist Toggles Elastic Arm and Leg Cuffs
Best Rain Boots for Toddlers
Soft Cotton Lining for Warmth Reinforced Handles Natural Soft Flexible Rubber Non-Slip Tread
Runner Up Best Rain Boots for Toddlers
Cotton Inner Lined for Warmth Reinforced Rubber Easy On Handles Non-Slip Tread

What Should Toddlers Wear in the Rain?

Toddlers should be dressed in waterproof clothing when out in the rain. The only exception is in warm temperatures when getting wet is enjoyable and cooling.

toddler rain pants and rainboots for puddle play
My boys love to jump in ALL the puddles!

Toddlers have the option to wear waterproof rain pants and rain coats or a one piece rain suit. In cold weather a toddler should always wear rain boots. The rain pants should go on-top of the rain boots. Otherwise, the water will drip down the rain pants into your toddler's rain boots.

In warm weather toddlers have the option to wear waterproof sandals or run around barefoot!

Other Uses for Toddler Rain Suits

Toddlers rain suits and rain pants have multiple functions besides being toddler rain gear. For instance, my toddlers wear their rain pants on most hikes even when its not raining!

rain pants double as hiking pants
With Toddler Rain Pants on I don't worry about the mud!

Play in the Mud: Playing in the mud is not a worry when wearing rain pants or rain suits. Let them splash in the mud with no care. The clothes underneath are staying dry and clean. Just take the rain suit off before coming inside!

Fewer stains: Wearing a layer on top of your toddler's clothes means no grass, dirt, or mud stains. You can let your child explore whatever they wish. Let them pick up worms or sit on the logs. Also means less holes and wearing through of your toddler's pants.

Layer of Warmth: Rain gear doubles as a windbreaker. On a cold day wearing rain gear as your toddler's top layer adds warmth.

Should My Toddler Wear a Rain Suit or Rain Pants and Rain Coats?

Either or is a great option as toddler rain gear.

A toddler rain suit has less options for water to get onto your toddler. These are great all day water protection for outdoor preschools and outdoor hiking. When lined with fleece these rain suits can work as great snow suits.

Toddler rain suits can be harder for a toddler to take off. This could be a problem with potty training.

Toddler rain pant and rain coat combo is a solid option with greater flexibility. An older toddler can often put on their own pants and coat and this option is easier when your toddler has to use the bathroom.

If it is not currently raining, but there are lots of puddles you have the choice to just wear the rain pants. Rain coats double as windbreakers, on a windy day you can just put on the rain jacket.

The Main Things to Consider When Looking to Purchase Toddler Rain Gear are:

  • Construction of the seams: Seams have three choices to prevent water from seeping in.  They are: seam taping, seam sealing and welded seams. See below for which is best and why.
    • Seam taping is tape made of polyurethane film placed under a seam to block water from coming in. This method does not always work as well  with thinner material and can degrade over time.
    • Seam Sealing is applying a glue like sealant into the seams. This glue seeps into the stitching hole making a waterproof barrier that holds up better with thinner material and overall produces better results than seam taping.
    • Welded seams are the best quality as the seams are fused together with heat and pressure leaving no stitch hole for water/chemicals to get into

What is Seam Taping?

  • Waist adjustability for pants: Toddlers are growing and come in all sizes so the ability to adjust the waist ensures the pants will stay on.
  • Ankle/Wrist adjustability and tightness: for water protection you do not want a wide opening at these points.
  • Reflective qualities: Safety is always a concern and some pants offer reflective strips 
  • Sizing: different brands run small or large and you want to dress your toddler in the appropriate size for maximum water protection
  • Hood Options: on rain suits and rain coats the design of hood changes. A extended hood keeps your toddler's face dry longer
  • Reinforced Knees and Butt: longer durability the rain gear will be

Best Toddler Rain Pants

Toddler rain pants are a staple in toddler rain gear. There are a large number of companies which sell rain pants. Below are my reviews and things to consider about each pant before purchasing. Also you will find my personal pick for what my toddlers have.

Main Characteristics to Look for in Toddler Rain Pants

  • The material from which the pants are made: I only consider nylon, polyester and polyurethane
  • Treatment of the seams (welded being the best)
  • Ankle adjustability 
  • Pockets
  • Reflective qualities for safety

Best Overall Toddler Rain Pants:

Oakiwear Children’s Trail and Rain Pants

Oakiwear Trail and Rain pants are made from water resistant rip proof polyester and a TPU waterproof Membrane. TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is a soft and breathable membrane that makes the pants more waterproof.

Due to the TPU membrane the pants are to be wiped clean and not machine washable. In practice the cleaning is minimally needed on these pants.

Oakiwear gives us, the consumers, a 6 month warranty for peace of mind. If the toddler rain pants fail at that time you can return it for your money back guarantee. Oakiwear only uses natural material, making it an eco-friendly choice!

Oakiwear Trail Pant has an elastic waist and drawstring and an adjustable elastic ankle, something not seen by the other companies who feature a tapered ankle or non adjustable elastic ankle.

Oakiwear Toddler Rain Pants in green and black worn by my boys
My two boys both in Oakiwear Pants, the cuffs work great to tightly secure them over their rain boots and have no water leakage

The biggest flaw I see is that the seams are taped, however there are less negative reviews regarding water getting in. The pants also have a reinforced liner which benefits the overall quality.

Both my toddlers have a pair of these pants. I love the adjustable cuff on the ankle to tightly secure around my toddler's rain boot. I have had no issues with water getting in and my kids can be found sitting down in puddles.

They do run a touch big, my 3.5 year old is wearing a size 3 and the drawstring waist goes above his belly button to fit correctly.

Pros of Oakiwear Children’s Trail and Hike Pants:

  • Adjustable elastic ankle
  • Polyester with all natural TPU membrane
  • Reinforced liner
  • Drawstring around waist
  • Company only uses natural material
  • 6 month warranty 

Cons of Oakiwear Children’s Trail and Hike Pants:

  • Seams are taped instead of welded or sealed
  • No reflective strips
  • No foot stirrup, but does have adjustable ankles
  • Wipe clean, not machine washable

Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Pants:

Reima Lammikko Kids Waterproof Suspender Rain Pants

The Reima Lammikko suspender rain pants feature a welded seam for waterproofing, my favorite!  They also have reflective tape up the legs, detachable foot stirrups, adjustable suspenders and 100% polyester.

The company, Reima, won the 2019 Product Safety Gold Award from the European Union for its children’s product safety ensuring us, the consumers, that the company cares about the safety of the children when designing their products.

The pants tend to run on the large size, but when you are layering a child this is less of a concern. The pants come with all the features you could design except a pocket, which has its benefits as well.

Pros of Reima Lammikko Kids Waterproof Suspender Rain Pants:

  • Welded seams for optimum waterproofing over time
  • Adjustable suspenders for the growing toddler
  • Reflective tape for added safety
  • Comes in many color options
  • 100% polyester
  • Detachable foot stirrups

Cons of Reima Lammikko Kids Waterproof Suspender Rain Pants:

  • No pockets
  • Suspenders might be harder for the potty training child

Honorable Mention Best Toddler Rain Pants:

Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Pants

Splashy is a great affordable priced rain pants for toddlers. The children rain pants are made from tough nylon fabric that is PU treated for waterproof and windproof. PU treatment is a protective film that goes on top of the nylon material.

The pants feature a front pocket, which can be a selling point from your toddlers mindset, my 3 year old loves pockets! These pants are machine washable and should be hung dry.  They also have reflective strips down the sides for safety. 

My biggest complaint about these pants is that the sizing runs large and it can be hard to find the right size for your toddler; it is best to order a size or even two sizes below your toddlers normal size. 

This is a great cheaper option if you have the patience to find the right size for your child.

Pros of Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Pants:

  • Cheapest option and provides waterproof
  • Many fun colors to choose from
  • Features a front pocket (toddlers love pockets)
  • Machine washable
  • Reflective strips down the leg seam

Cons of Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Pants:

  • Seams are taped, will wear down quicker than other options
  • Sizing is difficult to get right as pants run very large 
  • No foot stirrup to keep pants from riding up

Aliwiner Kids Waterproof Rain Pants Dirty Proof Suspender

These toddler rain pants are an affordable suspender option, but still a great product. The pants run large with plenty of room for your child to grow. The rain pant features sealed seams are very waterproof. They have adjustable shoulder straps allowing for a growing child and an elastic band around the ankle with a foot stirrup to ensure the pants don’t ride up.

These suspenders are meant to be the final layer over your toddlers everyday clothes.

Downsides of these pants are a strong odor when they first arrive, not machine washable and the reflective strips are low on the pants meaning when you put a boot on over your child the strips are not visible. 

Some consumers have reported that if you don't handwash the pants mold build up can occur over time.

Pros of Aliwiner Kids Waterproof Rain Pants Suspender:

  • Suspenders that are adjustable to grow with your child
  • Foot stirrup to ensure pants don’t ride up
  • Elastic band around the ankles
  • Cheaper than other options
  • Sealed seams

Cons of Aliwiner Kids Waterproof Rain Pants Suspender:

  • Strong factory smell out of the box
  • Handwash only
  • No pockets
  • Reflective strips are too low for practical use
  • Suspenders can be harder for potty-training toddler

Hatley Childs Splash Pants

A reasonable option at a great price. These Hatley toddler rain pants feature sealed seams, elastic waistband and drawstring and a front pocket, again toddlers love pockets! You can also match the pants with a rain jacket, boots and umbrella!

The pants are 100% polyurethane, a water repellent material that also is easy to clean as stains normally wipe off clean. The pants are machine washable and should be hung dry.

The company practices ethical sourcing and for supporting causes that benefit children in need. 

However, on some occasions the pants have reported splitting in the crotch and knees or that the sealed seams to come undone over time. The best advice is to hand wash even though it should be machine washable to keep in better condition longer.

Pros of Hatley Child's Splash Pants:

  • Elastic waistband and drawstring
  • Side pocket
  • Polyurethane material is water repellent
  • Comes in many colors and patterns
  • Company ethical behavior

Cons of Hatley Child's Splash Pants:

  • No reflective strips
  • No foot stirrup to keep pant from riding up
  • Some issues with tearing over time
  • Reports of the sealed seam coming loose over time

Jan & Jul Kid’s Waterproof Cozy Dry Rain/Snow Pants

If you are looking for a rain pant that is also warm Jan & Jul rain pants provide a great option. You can also user as a snow-pant for winter! These toddler rain pants are 100% polyester and lined with fleece (even the two pockets). The company uses Bionic-Finish technology from Germany to provide waterproof and windproof standards.

The pants come with an elastic waistband and ankle band as well as a drawstring. The pants run true to size and note they already have a fleece layer. You most likely will not need to order a size up thinking about layering your child.

The biggest downside is that the pants utilize taped seam over a more thorough seam finish. Over time the pants are more susceptible to leaks. Also in more active play there are reports of the material ripping.

Pros of Jan & Jul’s Waterproof Cozy Dry Pants:

  • Lined with anti-static fleece for warmth
  • Features two pockets
  • Elastic waistband and drawstring
  • Machine washable
  • Great option as snow pant

Cons of Jan & Jul’s Waterproof Cozy Dry Pants:

  • Taped Seams so overtime more likely to come undone and water to leak through
  • Reports of the seams ripping in very active play
  • No reflective strips
  • No foot stirrups to keep pants from riding up

Best Toddler Rain Coat

Your biggest selection of toddler rain gear will be for toddler raincoats. Most activewear companies make raincoats, not just outdoor speciality shops. I have selected the most rainproof raincoats I consider when purchasing for my three children.

It is very important to be picky about toddler rain coats, because there are a lot on the market, but not too many are waterproof. Be weary!

Main Characteristics to Look for in a Toddler Rain Coat

  • Material it is made from: only consider nylon, polyester and polyurethane
  • Should have a zipper closure
  • Hood and if it extends past toddler’s face
  • Wrist Adjustability
  • How seams are waterproofed (look to top of article for differences)
  • Pockets
  • Reflective Qualities

A lot of raincoats come with a snap closure instead of a zipper. These options I do not consider as it lets the water in and will be less waterproof. I want a jacket that can be used while it is raining!

Material of the coat is very important. A cotton rain jacket does not make sense, and there are a fair bit of jackets being advertised as rain jackets that are made of 100% cotton. I would look for 100% nylon as a cheaper option and 100% polyester for a better quality option.

Best Overall Toddler Rain Coat: Reima Vesi Kids Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Lightweight Windproof Coat

The Reima Vesi Kids Waterproof rain jacket is a solid choice. This toddler raincoat has all the features I mainly look for, welded seams, hood, 100% polyester and reflective taping. The jacket is high quality.

The toddler rain jacket comes in different fun patterns and colors and the hood is detachable. Given the material, 100% polyester the jacket is not machine washable.

The jacket comes with 2-3 inches added on to ensure your child has room to grow. For added warmth you can layer your toddler below the rain jacket.

Pros of Reima Vesi Kids Coat:

  • Zipper closure with flap overtop and button close
  • Detachable hood
  • Reflective strips around the arms
  • Welded seams
  • 100% polyester
  • Room to grow with your child 

Cons of Reima Vesi Kids Coat:

  • No pockets

Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Coat: Columbia Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket or Columbia Girls’ Toddler Switchbank li Jacket

Columbia’s Toddler Rain Jackets boys are girls are a great option for a shell rain jacket that you can take with you hiking or out for the day and packs down small. This option is affordable and used as a shell, not warmth.

This jacket is 100% waterproof nylon and has a zipper closure. The jacket is machine washable and comes with some colors featuring reflective strips. The jacket also features two zippered side pockets, elastic wrist cuffs and a hood.

Biggest drawback of this toddler rain gear is how lightweight this jacket is. It does have a 100% polyester lining but it is very thin. You will want to add layers to this jacket if cold outside. Also, the seams are taped which isn’t my favorite choice with waterproofing, but so far (over 2 years and 2 kids) haven't had any issues with it.

Toddler Boy Rain Jacket: Columbia on my son
The Columbia Toddler Boy Rain Jacket's hood extends well past my 3 year old's face to keep him dry

My 3 year old played in the pouring rain for an hour and this toddler boy rain jacket didn't let any water through. The extended peak kept the water from his face and I find it a great cheaper option rain jacket and windbreaker shell. The stitching isn't taped or sealed so will be curious how long the jacket will remain waterproof, but so far so good.

Pros of Columbia Rain Jacket:

  • Cheaper option for rain shell
  • Reflective qualities for safety
  • 2 zippered side pockets
  • Elastic cuffs and hem
  • Extended hood peak
  • Packs down small

Cons of Columbia Rain Jacket:

  • Zipper is not weatherproof
  • Nylon is not as waterproof as polyester
  • Nothing special is done with the seams other than double stitched

Honorable Mention Best Toddler Rain Coats:

OAKI Rain Jacket for Kids/Toddlers, Waterproof, Breathable, Lightweight with Hood

Oaki Toddler Rain jacket is a great choice for as toddler rain gear and priced competitively. The jacket is lined with a silky polyester to keep warmth in and the outside layer is waterproof. It features an extendable hood that reaches 2 inches past the face, to ensure your little one stays dry.

The jacket closes with a waterproof zipper and has two side pockets for those pocket loving toddlers. The older version of this coat had an adjustable wrist cuff, but currently the coat has an elastic wrist cuff instead.

The coat is a good pick for spring and fall and even in winter. For winter you can layer your toddler up and use this coat as your top waterproof layer.

There is a similar Oaki Children’s rain jacket available in patterns. I would NOT suggest this one; it has button closure and will not keep the water out as well. Also the patterned version does not have the extendable hood to help keep the face dry. Stick to the core jacket in solid colors.

Pros of Oaki Toddler Rain Jacket:

  • 100% polyester and completely rainproof
  • Weather proof zipper closure
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Silky polyester lining for warmth
  • Extended 2 inch hood to keep face dry
  • Elastic wrist cuff

Cons of Oaki Toddler Rain Jacket:

  • No reflective strips
  • Taped seams

Jan & Jul Kids’ Cozy-Dry Waterproof Rain Jacket with Fleece Lining

Jan & Jul have a supreme toddler rain coat option for waterproof quality and warmth. This toddler rain jacket would be a great way to keep your kids warmer without having to bundle layers below them.

The rain jacket is made from 100% polyester giving it its waterproof and windproof quality. Like all Jan & Jul products it features Bionic-Finish technology that is also soil repellent, breathable, and PVC and fluorine free.

The coat is lined with soft fleece, even the two side pockets. The hood size is adjustable and has a brim to keep the rain off your toddler’s face. Reflective stripes can be found on the front, hood and back of the jacket for added safety. The jacket closes with a zipper then snaps on top.

The toddler rain coat comes in multiple colors and designs and is one of the only jackets with such a high waterproof rating, although the seams are taped. 

Pros Jan & Jul Toddler Rain Jacket with Fleece Lining:

  • 100% polyester
  • Fleece-line for warmth
  • Adjustable size hood with a brim
  • Elastic arm cuffs
  • Reflective strips
  • Two side pockets

Cons Jan & Jul Toddler Rain Jacket with Fleece Lining:

  • Taped Seams
  • More costly than other options

Best Toddler Rain Suit

Some things to consider if you are thinking about a toddler rain suit is how old your toddler is and use of a rain suit as toddler rain gear. I do not love this option for an older toddler who is potty training. This might be harder for them to get into and out of themselves.

best toddler rain suit
My daughter in her Oaki Rain Suit: also great for hiking shell

However, if your child goes to outdoor preschool this might be the perfect option. Being outside in the elements all day, having rain gear that protects head to toe will keep your toddler dryer for longer.

Toddler Rain Suits are a great option for a baby or younger toddler. More play without worrying the jacket rides up or the pants are falling down and water getting in.

Main Characteristics of Toddler Rain Suit

  • Material it is made from: only consider nylon, polyester and polyurethane
  • Waist Adjustability
  • Hood and if it extends past toddler’s face
  • Ankle and Wrist Adjustability
  • How seams are waterproof (look to top of article for differences)

Best Overall Toddler Rain Suit

Oaki Rain & Trail Suit - Kid & Toddler

Oaki Rain & Trail Suit is a near perfect toddler rain suit. It can double as a toddler snow suit and you can’t go wrong with this option.

Oaki suit features a brim hood, waterproof zipper with zipper garage, reflective strips, reinforced liner and a waist drawstring to adjust the fit.  The hand and foot openings feature neoprene cuffs and velcro closure to ensure a tight fit.

The suit comes with a high waterproof rating higher than my other options, but does have taped seams. The suit is available in many fun colors to suit any toddlers wish. It is made from nylon and treated for waterproofing with PU coating.

Purchasing from Oaki you are also guaranteed your 6-month warranty. Have any problems or dislike the product in the first 6 months and be assured you can get your money back! This product was kid tested for over 500 hours of play!

Pros of Oaki Rain & Trail Toddler Rain Suit:

  • Brimmed hood
  • Waterproof zipper with zipper garage
  • Waist drawstring
  • Reflective strips
  • Neoprene ankle cuffs and velcro closures for a secure fit
  • Can be used as snow suit

Cons of Oaki Rain & Trail Toddler Rain Suit:

  • No pockets
  • Taped Seams

Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Suit:

J_an & Jul Cozy-Dry Waterproof Fleece-Lined Rain Suit One Piece Baby and Toddler_

Jan & Jul make a great warmer toddler rain suit. Like all Jan & Jul products it utilizes the Bionic-finish technology to keep the suit fully waterproof. The inside is fleece-lined for added warmth and to be great for all day play.  If you want a warmer option or one great for winter snow suit look at this rain suit!

The suit features elastic wrist and ankle bands to keep openings tight and a brim on the adjustable hood to keep rain away from the face. The rain suit has inner toggles on the sides to adjust the waist for a better fit and reflective strips.

The toddler and baby rain suit has a zipper closure and a magnetic closure on top of that. I think the magnetic closure is much better than the button closure on top as it is simpler for a toddler.The suit seams are taped.

Also note they make a puddle-dry version which has its inner layer lined with polyester. This is a great option for summer suits or a less warm option around $10 cheaper.

Pros of Jan & Juls Cozy-Dry Rain Suits:

  • Fun designs
  • Brim on adjustable hood
  • Double as a snowsuit
  • Adjustable waist toggles
  • Elastic arm and leg cuffs
  • Reflective strips

Cons of Jan & Juls Cozy-Dry Rain Suits:

  • Taped seams
  • Zipper could go down further for easier in and out 
  • No pockets

Honorable Mention Best Toddler Rain Suits

Tuffo Baby Coverall

Tuffo makes a great affordable toddler rain suit option. This toddler and baby rain suit is 100% nylon and features sealed seams.

The rain suit features reinforced butt and knee area, a brim hood, elastic band for wrist and ankle cuffs and dual zipper for easier dressing.

The suit comes a bit large so I recommend to size down unless you plan to layer your toddler heavily below the suit. Also, there have been some issues with the zippers breaking over time. I have not had any issues personally.

Overall this is a great cheaper toddler rain suit option!

Pros of Tuffo baby coverall:

  • Cheaper option
  • Sealed seams
  • Reinforced areas
  • Brim hood
  • Dual zipper for easier in and out
  • Elastic wrist and ankle cuffs

Cons of Tuffo baby coverall:

  • No adjustable waist
  • No reflective strips
  • Nylon is not as waterproof as polyester

Celavi- Waterproof Reflective One Piece Rain suit - Kids Baby Toddlers

Celavi offers a toddler or baby rain suit that hits the mark. The rain suit is 100% polyester with a polyurethane coating making it waterproof.

The toddler rain suit features high visibility colors and reflective strips, double zipper and button closure, elastic sleeves, legs and hood and hood is detachable. Personally, I love the little elephant on the top right of the suit. 

Only information not given is how the seams are waterproof.

Pros of Celavi- Waterproof Reflective One Piece Suit:

  • Detachable hood
  • Reflective strips
  • Elastic arm and ankle bands
  • 100% polyester

Cons of Celavi- Waterproof Reflective One Piece Suit:

  • No information on seams (either taped, sealed or welded)
  • No adjustable waist
  • No pockets

Best Rain Boots For Toddlers

two toddler rain boots and momma

Lastly, I look at different toddler rain boot offerings on the market to complete toddler rain gear. The best rain boots for toddler are made to keep your feet dry and warm in wet conditions. Rain boots should be easy for a toddler to put on themselves and commonly made from rubber.

Main Characteristics to Consider in Toddler Rain Boots

  • Easy pull on handles
  • Made of rubber
  • Inner lining material
  • Non-slip tread on the bottom of rainboot

Best Overall Toddler Rain Boots:

Lonecone Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles

Lonecone makes a great toddler rain boots option. This boot hits all the main features I am looking for and is priced very reasonably.

The company, Lonecone, offers a 6 month guarantee, just as Oaki, so you can buy with confidence that if the rain boot isn’t what it should be you are not out of pocket. The company also “play proofs” their product, meaning it is tested to withstand over 100 hours of play

The boot is offered in many fun whimsical patterns as well as solid colors. There are too many cute toddler designs for me to pick just one!

The rain boot has a soft cotton lining on the inside and non-slip tread on the bottom of the rain boot. Also the easy on and off reinforced handles makes it simple for your toddler to do all on their own!

Like all rubber rain boots there have been some complaints of ripping, but with the 6 month guarantee I wouldn’t worry about that.

Pros of Lonecone Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles:

  • 6 month guarantee
  • Reinforced handles for easy on and off
  • Made from natural soft flexible rubber
  • Non-slip tread on bottom of boot
  • Free of chemicals
  • Soft cotton lining for warmth
  • Lots of fun patterns and colors

Cons of Lonecone Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles:

  • Complaints of rips in rubber

Runner Up Best Toddler Rain Boots:

Oaki Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots with Easy on Handles

Oaki offers a rubber rain boot for a steal of a price for toddlers. It has all the main features you would want when looking into a toddler rain boot and comes in plenty of color and design options.

The company has a 6 month warranty, so as a parent you should feel good that you should get your money's worth out of the rain boot or get it refunded back to you. 

The bottom of the rain boot has a non-slip tread making sure your little one doesn’t fall over. It also features a cotton and polyester inner lining to keep your toddler’s foot dry and warm.

There have been complaints of the rubber cracking, as most rain boots will have. But in my opinion the cost and features are there on this boot and with the 6 month guarantee it is worth it!

Rain Boots for toddler: son in oaki outerspace design
My almost 2 year old wearing Oaki Waterproof Boot in the Outer Space design

My son loves his Oaki Rain Boot and I have never had any concerns. The designs are adorable and he can easily put the rain boot on himself, even though he is only 21 months. I have seen no signs of cracking or water leaking through in these rain boots. His feet stay dry!

Pros of Oaki Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots:

  • Cotton inner lining for added warmth
  • Natural reinforced rubber outside
  • Easy on handles
  • Non-slip tread on bottom of boot

Cons of Oaki  Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots: 

  • Complaints of rips in the rubber

Honorable Mention Best Toddler Rain Boots:

Western Chief Girls/Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull on Handle

Western Chief makes another very reliable rain boot for toddlers. This boot has all the features I look for in a rain boot, rubber, handles, tread and lining.

The company uses its own in-house vulcanization process which reduces weak spots in the rubber to keep from tears. The boot has an inner lining that is soft on your toddlers feet and a removable insole.

My son in rain boot for toddlers Fritz the frog pair
Fritz the frog boots

My toddler has a froggy pair (Fritz the frog) and has had no issues taking the rain boot on and off and loves the cute design. You can also get DC comic inspired rain boots!

Again being rubber over time there are complaints of the rain boot ripping, as you get with all toddler rain boots. I feel this rain boot has lasted my toddlers well and just adore the design.

Pros of Western Chief Waterproof Rain Boot:

  • Made of natural rubber
  • Use vulcanization process to reduce weak spots
  • Partnership with DC for fun patterns
  • Lined with soft, polyester/cotton for comfort and warmth
  • Removable insole
  • Non-slip bottom treads
  • Easy on-off handle for toddler

Cons of Western Chief Waterproof Rain Boot:

  • Complaints of ripping overtime

Crocs Unisex-Child Rain Boot

If you are a Crocs fan, then you can rest assured that the Croc toddler rain boot hits most of the features I am looking for in a rain boots for toddlers.

All crocs are made from a material known as Croslite. Croslite in a material produced by the company made from ethylene-vinly acetate (EVA). This material makes Crocs easy to wash and light weight. Note: for eco-friendly purchases Crocs material is not recyclable and rubber is a better choice.

Main concern is if your toddler has a wide foot. These rain boots are more narrow around the ankle and do cause issues for kids with wider feet.   Also over time the product is known to shrink.

Pros of Crocs Unisex-Child Rain Boot

  • Easy pull on-off handle
  • Fun colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Treads on bottom of boot for anti-slip

Cons of Crocs Unisex-CHild Rain Boot:

  • Shoes run narrow in the ankle and may shrink over time
  • No lining for added warmth
  • Not ecofriendly rubber

BOGS Kids Rubber Waterproof Rain Boots

If you are looking for a lightweight boot, you won’t get much better than Bogs Kids Rubber Rain Boot. These rain boots come in a variety of colors and designs.

The boot is 100% natural rubber and the sole is made of leather and rubber for durability. The bottom has non-slip and fits the wider foot toddler.

The pull on handles for toddlers isn’t like the other designs, but rather the pull on handle is built into the side of the boot. I personally don’t love it as toddlers struggle a bit more to put on and off on their own, but an older toddler shouldn’t have a problem. 

Due to its lightweight feature, 11.4 ounces, the boot does not come with an inner lining as some of the other pairs.

Pros of BOGS Kids Rubber Waterproof Rain Boots

  • 100% rubber
  • Rubber and leather sole 
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Lightweight boot

Cons of BOGS Kids Rubber Waterproof Rain Boots

  • Handles are built into the side rather than at the top
  • No lining 

Hope you found this post on best toddler rain gear useful!

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