Best Snow Outfits for Toddlers



Jan 24, 2022

The first snow is a magical time for a toddler. The ground is covered in white and new options to play outside such as building snowmen, sledding and snow ball fights! You will want to dress your toddler appropriately in snow outfits for toddlers so that they stay warm and dry as they play in the snow!

When considering snow outfits for toddlers there are a couple of different options; snow pants, snow bibs, snow jackets or full snowsuit. Keep reading to find out what is best for your toddler!

two snow outfits for toddlers on my kids
Snow days are the best day for toddlers!

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Summary of Best Toddler Snow Outfits

Best Toddler Snowsuit Best Baby Snowsuit
Omni-Tech Waterproof Shell 150g Insulation Outgrown Grow System Removable Hood Reinforced Seat & Knees
Best Affordable Toddler Snowsuit
Thermalock Coating 85g Insulation Sealed Critical Seams Fleece Lined Pockets Adjustable Storm Hood
Best Toddler Snow Pants
120g Insulation Durable Water Repellent Finish Adjustable Suspenders Reinforce Ankle
Runner Up Best Toddler Snow Pants
3 Layer Construction Antistatic First Layer Adjustable Shoulder Straps Reinforced Knees
Best Toddler Snow Pants for Skiing Best Premium Toddler Snow Pants
100g Insulation Omni-Tech Adjustable Suspenders Sealed Critical Seams Outgrown Grow System Reinforced Seat and Knees
Best Toddler Snow Jacket
140g Insulation ThermaLock Adjustable Cuffs Hand Warmer Pocket Location
Runner Up Best Toddler Snow Jacket
Lined with Fleece Detachable Hoof Wind and Water Resistant Shell Sweat and Moisture-Wicking
Best Toddler Snow Gloves
80g Insulation Fleece Lined Adjustable Wrist Closure Waterproof
Runner Up Best Toddler Snow Gloves
3M Thinsulate Waterproof 2.5 Inch Knit Cuff Velcro Closure

What Should A Toddler Wear in Snow?

If your toddler is like most, he/she will want to explore snow! A toddler will want to jump into the snow and fully experience what this fluffy white powder is. Therefore, a full waterproof snow outfits for toddlers is recommended for maximum fun in the snow.

Snow outfit for toddlers snow bibs and jacket combo
My 2 Year Old in Snow Outfit

A waterproof snow outfit provides warmth to your toddler as well as protection from the elements. After considering the snow outfit for your toddler you will warm winter socks and snow-boots! Wet feet are never fun!

A toddler snow outfit can mean a couple different things. You can either purchase a one piece toddler snow suit or toddler snow pants and jacket. Both options require a nice waterproof pair of snow gloves to complete!

Below you will find more information on the differences to determine which one is best for your toddler!

What are Toddler Snow Suits?

Snow suits are one piece snow outfits that are a great pick for a baby and a toddler. They keep a baby or toddler as warm as possible with no chance of snow finding its way in. Snow Suits often come with the options to cover hands and feet when purchased in baby sizes.

A snow suit as a toddler has some downsides. A toddler is constantly growing and with a snowsuit you have less adjustability to ensure the right fit. Some brands combat this with a Grow System, Columbia snowsuits have this feature.

Toddlers' snowsuits can work, just as long as the suit is the correct size. You can normally get one season out of a toddler snowsuit. If you are in an extreme cold climate snow suits are recommended over snow pants and jacket. Snow suits are warmer!

What Should A Toddler Wear Under A Snow Suit?

You will want to make sure your toddler is dressed appropriately under their snow outfits. Base layers are perfect to go under snowsuits. The best base layers are ones made from wool. Wool is naturally wicking, breathable, insulating and odor resistant.

Wool base layers are great in summer and in winter. In winter merino wool will be your warmest option and in summer it will not overheat your toddler. The only downside is the cost. Buying merino wool base layer cost more than a cotton, synthetic or silk.

Best Toddler Snow Suits

Toddler Snow Suits are the warmest option snow outfits for toddlers. In colder climates parents favor snow suits, especially if your toddler is in an outdoor preschools.

In Europe toddler snow suits are the normal, especially in the northern European countries, such as Norway and Scandinavia.

Qualities To look for in Toddler Snow Suits:

  • Material of Snow Suit
  • Seams of the outfit
  • Adjustability
  • Features such as hand cover
  • Cost

Overall Best Toddler Snow Suit

Columbia Unisex-baby Buga Suit

Columbia makes a great toddler snowsuit sure to keep your little one warm and dry. The snowsuit comes in multiple different color designs and ranges from baby up to child sizes.

The snowsuit is waterproof, made from Nylon and Polyester, and packed with 150g of insulation for warmth. It uses Columbia's Omni-techecology to keep elements out but the material to remain breathable.

The snowsuit features an extended fit helping you get full use of the snowsuit even through periods of growth. You should be able to get a full season from these snowsuit or maybe even two! The snowsuit has reinforced seat and knees adding to the durability of the suit.

Pros of Columbia Unisex Snow Suit
  • Waterproof Shell
  • 150g of Insulation
  • Extended Fit features
  • Removable/ Adjustable hood
  • 2 Zippered Pockets
  • Adjustable leg openings and leg gaiters
  • Reinforced seat and knees
  • Machine Washable
Cons of Columbia Unisex Snow Suit
  • Expensive
  • No Hand Coverage option
  • Short life span- normally one winter for a toddler due to size restriction

Best Affordable Toddler Snow Suit

Arctix Kids Dancing Bear Insulated Snow Suit

Arctix company makes a great affordable toddler snow suit option. This snowsuit features thermalock technology, a durable coating to block the outdoor elements such as snow, wind and cold.

The Thermatech technology helps to keep your toddler warm and rated down to -20 Degrees F. There is 85g of insulation in this snowsuit, a bit less than the 150g from Columbia brand above.

The seams are reinforced and sealed geared towards not letting the wet in. Snowsuit also has an adjustable hood, interior pockets and machine washable.

Overall this is a great snowsuit. Compared to Columbia option there is less adjustability overall with the suit however close to have the price.

Pros of Arctix Kids Dancing Bears Snow Suit
  • Thermalock technology
  • 85g Insulation
  • Sealed Seams
  • Adjustable hood
  • Machine Washable
  • Cheaper Option
Cons of Arctix Kids Dancing Bears Snow Suit
  • No adjustability in leg opening
  • Less overall adjustability
  • No hand coverage option

Best Toddler Snow Pants / Snow Bibs

Toddler snow pants are a must in snow outfits for toddlers. if you want them to enjoy time in the snow keeping their bodies dry and warm is critical.

For a toddler snow pants I only consider options that are a bib design over a traditional pant. Pants that sit on the waist are not as successful at keeping the snow out or your toddler as warm as possible.

Qualities To look for in toddler snow pants:

  • Bib only for a toddler
  • Material used and Waterproof Qualities
  • Seams of the pants
  • Cost
  • Adjustability of the fit
  • Insulation for warmth

Best Toddler Snow Pants Bib

Arctix Infant/Toddler Chest high snow bib overalls

Arctix Toddler Snow bibs are a steal for the price. You will not find another toddler snow pants to beat its benefits. Both my toddler boys (1.5 and 3 year old own a pair)

The bibs feature multi-layer protection to provide everything you need for your toddler. Outer shell is a 100% polyester dobby shell with coating for wind and water resistance. The inner material is designed to wick moisture away and insulate your toddler with heat-trapping micro chambers.

best toddler snow pants Arctix
My toddler in his Arctix Snow Pants getting ready to go outside

The toddler snow pants are water resistant. Waterproof is best, but I haven’t had any issue with over 3 years of use and my toddlers clothes have never been wet underneath the snow pants after hours in the snow.

The toddler snow pants are rated to keep your toddler warm down to -20 degrees F. The pants are thick and come in about 35 different colors and patterns. 

The seams are critically sealed seams, ensuring water will not find its way in.

Snow Pants highlight 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced ankles, scuff and hem guards which ultimately mean the pants shouldn’t wear through after use. My boys both own a pair and never have had a tear. One pair has been handed down and still works great on my youngest.

Pros of Arctix Toddler Chest high snow bib overalls
  • Multi-layer protection 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • High rise bib
  • Reinforced ankles, scuff and hem 
  • Flexible material
  • 120 grams Thermatech insulation 
  • Boot Gaiters with grippers
  • Critical sealed seams
  • Machine washable
Cons of Arctix Toddler Chest high snow bib overalls
  • Straps don’t snap off could be harder with potty training, have to take jacket off completely
  • No pockets
  • No reflective gear

Best Toddler Snow Pants Bib Runner Up

TSLA Kids Little Boys Girls Baby Winter Snow Bibs “Winter Top”

TSLA Toddler Snow bibs are a great option for your toddler, especially if you are potty training. Some color options come in a “winter top” option instead of a winter snow option.

The winter top option has a velcro shoulder strap, meaning you do not have to take off the winter coat completely for a potty break. Also has the option to have a fleece top for added warmth. 

The snow bibs feature multilayer protection. The outer shell is a rugged ripstop outer, then a hydrophobic coating, insulation padding and anti-static fabric.

The winter top toddler snow pants feature a zippered hand pocket and double velcro closure at waist.

The two things I haven't found are how the seams are waterproof and thickness of insulation. However, in testing the product none of these two points were a concern. The toddler snow pants worked great!

Pros of TSLA Toddler Winter Top Snow Pants:
  • Velcro shoulder straps
  • Thermal insulation padding
  • 2 layer reinforced knees
  • Elastic boot gaiters
  • Multilayer design to keep warmth in
Cons of TSLA Toddler Winter Top Snow Pants:
  • Shoulder straps not adjustable for growing toddler
  • No reflective qualities

Best Premium Toddler Snow Pants

Columbia Kids' Adventure Ride Bib

Columbia makes an excellent toddler snow pants, however it is priced higher than my other options**.** It has all the bells and whistles. You won't be sorry you spent the extra money! These are the best toddler snow pants for skiing!

These toddler snow bibs are 100% nylon with Columbia's Omni-tech advanced waterproof fabric. The bibs are insulated to keep your toddler warm.

The toddler snow pants also feature adjustable waist tabs, internal leg gaiters with silicone grippers, reinforced areas and come in a collection of fun colors.   

If your toddler is tall for his age or proportioned more legs than torso I would recommend sizing up. With the adjustable waist tabs you can always tighten, but it is most important for the length to be accurate.

Pros of Columbia Kids’ Adventure Ride Bib
  • Adjustable outgrown cuffs for growing toddler
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • One cargo pocket
  • Reflective strips
  • Reinforced knees, seat and cuff guards
  • Critically seam sealed
  • Waterproof and breathable material
  • 100g of insulation for warmth
Cons of Columbia Kids’ Adventure Ride Bib
  • More expensive option
  • Straps don’t snap off could so be harder with potty training, have to take jacket off completely

Note that Columbia offers a kid and baby sets, snow bibs and jackets. The snow bibs in these offerings are different from the above bibs I reviewed. The bibs in the sets do not have adjustable suspenders or cargo pockets and may have other major differences.

Best Toddler Snow Jackets

The top layer of snow outfits for toddlers should be a warm snow jacket. There are a lot of options when it comes to toddler snow jackets. Most are water repellent and if worn on top of snow bibs should keep your toddler dry. Some premium toddler snow jackets are 100% water proof.

Qualities I look for in a toddler snow jacket

  • Zipper closure
  • How seams are waterproofed 
  • Pockets
  • Insulation of the jacket
  • Waterproof qualities of the jacket
  • Cost of jacket

Best Overall Toddler Snow Jacket

Arctix Boys Slalom Insulated Winter Jacket** & Arctix Girls Jackalope Insulated Winter Jacket

Arctix offers an insulated winter jacket for toddler boys and girls that can’t be beat for price and quality. The design and fabric matches that of the snow bibs offered by the company.

The toddler winter coats feature thermaLock wind-resistance and waterproof coating and 140 grams ThermaTech Insulation for warmth. The outer shell wicks away moisture keeping your toddler dry inside.

The coat comes in about 10 different options per gender and is machine washable. 

The toddler winter jacket has zippered hand warmer style pockets and one inner hidden pocket, adjustable cuffs, and zipper closure.

The toddler jacket is designed to be lightweight to provide more flexibility for the active toddler. If temperatures are very cold make sure your toddler has a couple layers underneath the jacket for added warmth.

Pros of Arctix Insulated Winter Jackets:
  • Great price and quality
  • Thermalock wind-resistance and waterproof coating 
  • Warm rating down to -20 degrees F
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • 140 grams of ThermaTech insulation
  • Critical sealed seams
  • Inner pocket and outer pockets
Cons of Arctix Insulated Winter Jackets:
  • No reflective qualities
  • Not as thick as other snow jackets

Runner Up Best Toddler Snow Jacket

Arctic Quest Boys and Girls Windproof Water Resistant Insulated Hooded Winter Snow and SKi Jacket

Another great option for a toddler snow jacket is from Arctic Quest. Their toddler snow jacket is priced reasonably and comes in 15 different patterns and colors for boys and girls.

Like the Arctix Jacket above you should place warm clothes underneath your toddler for added warmth. The jacket is made to be lightweight to not restrict outdoor activities.

The jacket is made with a polyester shell with snow repellant fabric that is also windproof. The hood is detachable and double lined to provide extra warmth to your toddlers head.  

The only information I would have loved to see from the manufacturer is how the seams are waterproofed, for example are the seams sealed with a glue like substance.

If your toddler is slightly large for their age it is recommend to size up!

Pros of Arctic Quest Insulated Hooded Winter Jacket:
  • Reasonably priced for quality
  • Zipper closure
  • Polyester Shell with snow repellent fabric for waterproof
  • Fleece lined for warmth
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable storm cuffs
  • Reflective Qualities
Cons of Arctic Quest Insulated Hooded Winter Jacket:
  • No information about seams such as sealed seams for waterproof
  • Not as thick as other snow jackets

Best Toddlers Snow Gloves

Non-waterproof gloves won’t make for a long play session in the snow with a toddler. Their hands will get wet and ultimately cold. It is important to put waterproof gloves on your toddler.

I find that mittens with a separate thumb are the easiest to put on and work the best with my toddlers. Gloves that separate out each finger are too much hassle with toddlers.

Qualities I look for in Toddler Snow Gloves

  • Mittens with separate thumb spot
  • Waterproof
  • Insulation for warmth
  • Adjustability of wrist How high up the mittens go on arm 

Best Toddlers Snow Gloves

Zelda Matilda - Thinsulate Winter Waterproof Gloves

I personally adore the Zelda Matilda snow gloves with separate thumb for my toddlers. The gloves are reasonably priced and come in many different color options.

best toddler gloves for snow
My son wearing his Zelda Matilda grey snow gloves before putting on his winter jacket. The gloves go half way up to his elbow.

The gloves are waterproof with a combo of thinsulate and taslon. They are fleece lined to add additional warmth to your toddlers hands.

The gloves are secure to the toddler with an adjustable wrist closure. They extend further up the arm from the wrist closure ensuring no snow will get in.

I put these gloves on before my toddlers winter jackets. With the jacket on top and the gloves going a couple inches up the arm I am confident their hands will stay dry.

The gloves have a polyurethane (PU) rubber palm and thumb for better grip.

Sizing might be tricky. When I ordered the 2-3T for my 2 year old last year they were too big. I needed the 1-2 year size. When in doubt, order a size down not up.

Pros of Zelda Matilda Toddler Snow Gloves:
  • 80 grams of insulation for warmth
  • Waterproof glove
  • Mitten with separate thumb
  • PU palm and thumb for grip
  • Adjustable wrist closure
Cons of Zelda Matilda Toddler Snow Gloves:
  • Sizing can be hard, might want to size down

Runner Up Best Toddlers Snow Gloves

N’Ice Caps Toddler Easy-On waterproof Thinsulate Winter Mittens

Another solid toddler snow glove is N’Ice Caps Winter Mittens for the same price. The mittens come in an infant size of 6-12 months that do not have separate thumbs. For a baby they are not picking things up in the snow so thumbs not necessary.

These mittens are waterproof (and is the lining) and insulated with 3M Thinsulate for added warmth. They also come in a large selection of colors.

The gloves have full grippers on the palm and thumb, reinforced thumbs and elastic wrists. The toddler snow gloves close with a velcro closure around the wrist and has an extra wide 1 inch flat to make getting the mittens on easier. 

Further up the arm is a 2.5 inch knit cuff. Also note a couple designs offer a 3.5 inch knit cuff. These should go underneath the jacket to ensure no snow can get in.

Pro Tip: But the gloves on before the winter jacket.

Pros of N’Ice Caps Toddler Winter Mittens:
  • Waterproof
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth
  • Full grippers on palms and thumbs
  • 2.5 Inch Knit Cuff
  • Elastic Wrist
  • Infant No Thumb option
  • Reinforced Thumbs
Cons of N’Ice Caps Toddler Winter Mittens:
  • Sizing can be difficult to get right
  • Velcro closure is thin

Hiking snow outfits for toddlers
Family hike in the snow with our two toddlers

If you are hiking with your toddler in colder weather (below freezing) I would dress my toddler in a snow outfit, even if there is no snow. The snow outfits are meant to be warm and keep my toddlers happy in the cold weather.

As winter ends and spring is in the air the perfect toddler rain gear might be on your mind.

I hope this information helps you prepare your toddler for a day in the snow, without breaking the bank.