Nature Craft for Toddlers/Preschooler: Sunflower



Nov 10, 2022

A nature sunflower is a simple and rewarding craft for a toddler or preschooler. Nothing lights up a room better than sunflowers and this nature project won't disappoint. You can make one or several, just don’t be surprised if your little one asks to make them everyday!

nature craft for preschooler: sunflower
My 2 and 4 Year Old's Nature Sunflower

This project requires you to go on a hunt for yellow leaves! Autumn time is perfect for this project as lots of leaves are turning yellow and should be easy to find. You could also do this project in other seasons and just paint green leaves yellow.

Or maybe you want to create a yellow and red sunflower, unleash your creativity.  

Nature sunflowers should take about 15 minutes for your child and you to create together once you have collected the leaves. Remember toddlers don’t require perfection and will be proud of their creation no matter the outcome. No two flowers are the same!

Items You Will Need To Make A Nature Sunflower With A Toddler, Preschooler or Kindergartener

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1. Collect yellow flowers

Sunflowers look best with bright yellow leaves! This nature project starts with identifying and collecting yellow leaves from outside. Start looking in your yard for an oval shaped leaf and hopefully one will catch your eye.

nature project for toddlers sunflowers
Yellow Leaf Hunting

If you can’t find the perfect leaf in your yard, expand your search. Perhaps you can take a hike with your toddler or just walk the neighborhood. Become explorers and make it fun for your toddler or preschooler!

The best time to find yellow leaves is during autumn. If you want to do this craft in another time of year you can always paint green leaves yellow, or design your own leaves with construction paper. 

2. Create the seed head

Find a cardboard box and cut out a large circle. This will become the seed head of our sunflower. 

Cut out a black circle from construction paper to fit the circle you cut from the cardboard box. 

nature craft sunflower creating the seed head

Glue the black circle onto the cardboard box using a glue stick, Elmer’s glue or hot glue gun. If using hot glue gun be careful with toddlers and preschoolers, it is hot! An adult should be the only one working the hot glue gun.

3. Glue petals on sunflower head

Place glue around the outer circle of the seed head. Have your child glue their yellow leaves onto the seed head with all the leaves hanging off the cardboard. 

yellow leaves on nature sunflower
My 2 Year Old carefully placing his leaves

Continue this process until they have placed leaves around the whole seed head creating the sunflower.

Hint: Only place glue on small sections, once your toddler/preschooler has added the leaves then add glue to the next section.

4. Connect the stem

Grab a piece of tape and tape on the stem of the flower. This will allow your toddler/preschooler or kindergartener to walk around carrying their nature sunflower!

2 and 4 year olds nature sunflowers completed
Completed Sunflowers!

For a stem you can use a paper straw, popsicle stick or pipe cleaner. The larger the sunflower the more sturdy of a stem you will need. We started with a large cardboard circle head and found popsicle sticks the best stem for our sunflowers!

You can also put your sunflower in a vase to showcase! Hope you had fun!

For an older child you can add some glue and glitter to have your sunflowers sparkle!

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