Postpartum Outfit for Hospital and Coming Home



Dec 09, 2021

The excitement of getting to meet your baby can be overwhelming and even scary. If you are a first time mom you might have a ton of questions about the hospital stay and what to bring. For instance what should my postpartum outfit for hospital be or what to wear to come home in?

my postpartum outfit for hospital gown
Me and my daughter in my own maternity gown

I like to think I am a minimalist, I only want to bring what I will need and nothing more. For my first pregnancy my water broke three weeks early while at an MBA class an hour away. My hospital bag was not packed. My husband collected me and took me straight to the hospital, so I can assure you, if you arrive at the hospital with nothing you will be fine.

I had two more babies after my first. The second and third I had scheduled C-sections and able to plan my postpartum outfit for hospital and clothes for the first weeks at home with a new baby.

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Ideal Postpartum Outfit For Hospital

For most my stays in the hospital I have used the hospital clothes. Why dirty your own clothes when you don’t have to? However, a couple key items come in handy.

For example you might not feel comfortable in the hospital gown for visitors. Or if you plan on taking some newborns photos including yourself you will want different clothes. The additional clothes should be selected with comfort and practicability, you just had a baby!

Postpartum in hospital gown after giving birth
Me holding my second at the hospital in the hospital gown

A Comfortable Robe and Maternity Gown

The hospital provides you with a maternity gown, however it is short sleeved and aren't the most nursing friendly. After my first shower I preferred my own gown and robe for when I was cold.

Benefit of a robe is that they do not block access for the baby to nurse like a sweatshirt or hoodie would and provide warmth.   

Postpartum robe and gown
Brining home my second child and the maternity robe and gown I was wearing

Personally, I barely got out of my pajamas the first week at home and I appreciated the comfort of my robe. I purchased a robe/maternity gown set that I practically lived in my first week.

A gown is also great at home. After having a baby your hormones are all over the place and a gown is lightweight and won't overheat you. When cold you can add layers.

Perfect Postpartum Outfit For Hospital Photos and Visitors

If you don't like the idea of photos being taken with you in a gown and robe you can either wear pants and a shirt or a dress.

Postpartum Leggings and Top

Jeans are not comfortable after giving birth. Your body will not immediately go back to its pre-pregnancy shape and you will still look pregnant when you leave the hospital. Do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself, your body just went through a lot and how you look should not be a high priority. All new mothers are beautiful

Postpartum leggings are the way to go. They are comfortable, provide tummy control and help flatter your figure. Best Postpartum Leggings will provide you with all the benefits and help find the best pair for you!

Pro Tip: If you do really want to wear jeans I suggest maternity jeans. They act more like leggings and provide tummy control.

For your top a maternity top is still best. After giving birth your belly will still be enlarge, normally to look about 6 months pregnant.

The most comfortable and flattering top will be a cute maternity top like the below Nursing Top. Lots of maternity tops also are breastfeeding tops. This is a win win situation.

Pro Tip: Black is always a flattering color.

Flattering Dress

A dress is a great postpartum outfit for the hospital. Dresses will not hug your body or irritate an incision line if you had a C-section.

The best dresses for you will be a maternity and nursing friendly dress. These dresses are made to stretch and help a women feel good about themselves. I personally loved dresses for my postpartum outfits in the summertime.

Tips about Postpartum Outfit for Hospital and Home

Do not buy special underwear.

The hospital provides you with underwear you will want to wear postpartum for at least the first week. You will have a lot of bleeding going on and there’s no reason to waste money buying specialty products when you can utilize what you are given. 

After that first week you will want to wear full coverage underwear, definitely nothing skimpy. Believe me, you will not be feeling very sexy.

_You Will Want to Wear a Nursing Bra_s

Again comfort and practicality is my only concern after having a child. A normal bra does not cut it for me, the wire is uncomfortable and it is impractical when I have to nurse my little one, which if you chose to do will be ALL THE TIME.

A nursing bra does not have a wire and is designed to easily unhook for quick access. I bought a pack when I was pregnant with my first son and continued to use them for my second and third baby. They are useful for the whole time you chose to breastfeed your baby!

Bring a couple of the bras to the hospital, you will want to start wearing them while in the hospital, on your journey home and for the entire duration of your nursing experience.   

Invest in Nursing Tank Tops/T-shirts

Regardless of if your baby is born in the winter or in the summer, nursing tank tops/T-shirts are a worthwhile investment. New mommas’ hormones are all over the place causing hot spells constantly. It's a smart choice to dress in layers.

 Your first week postpartum you will be at home and not concerned if its is freezing outside. If you are breastfeeding I guarantee you will only want to be wearing a tank top anyway.

For the first week I would wear a nursing tank top/T-shirt and a robe on top of it. Whenever my little one was hungry I was dressed in an optimal outfit to feed my baby while being comfortable.

I have used SUIEK nursing tanks and Smallshow T-shirts after all three of my kids. Those initial 3 tank tops and 3 shirts have lasted me through 3+ years of nursing my babies.

Buy Comfortable Pajamas for Postpartum Period

I would not suggest bringing pajamas besides a maternity gown and robe to the hospital. However when you come home you will want more comfortable pajamas for your first week.

Besides a maternity gown, button down pajamas are the most friendly for a new mom, this allows easier access for nursing. I have shorts and a top set as well as a button down long sleeve gown style I use for after having a baby. I love both options and it really depends if I am feeling hot or cold when I go to bed what set I will wear.

Invest in several pajamas. Babies spit up ALOT. If they spit up on your pajamas in the middle of the night you will want to change. You will not want to do laundry first thing in the morning so I suggest owning four pajamas for postpartum that are comfortable and easy for nursing.

Buy nursing pads

Planning on breastfeeding?  Nursing pads are a must!

Until your body adjusts to your baby’s eating schedule your milk production will have a mind of its own. If you hear a baby cry, (it doesn't even have to be your own), it can trigger a let down. If your baby sleeps an extra hour at night you may leak.  When not wearing nursing pads you are setting yourself up for failure or lots of laundry!

I use nursing pads which are organic, bamboo and washable, no need to throw away a pair after each use. These are a lifesaver and worth the money.

Hope this helps you as you prepare for your little ones arrival!

Conclusions about Postpartum Outfit For Hospital and Coming Home

Comfort is key after having a baby. Your pre-pregnancy clothes will not fit for some time so other clothes will be necessary.

Hormones are going crazy after giving birth. It is best to dress in layers, therefore when a heat wave hits you will be prepared.

Maternity Gown and Robe are perfect to wear while in the hospital and first weeks at home.

If you chose to do newborn photos or have visitors you might want to bring a postpartum outfit. A dress or postpartum leggings and cute top are great choices!